Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can't Win For Losing

The husband and I have been blessed with a decent sized backyard. As a result we have loads of wildlife. Nothing of the coyote or mountain lion sorts, but lots of birds and rats with fuzzy tails. This is a great enjoyment to us and we do much to encourage visits, more so, permanent move-ins. However, I'm having a heck of a time catching said creatures on film. I took over 30 pictures yesterday and these are the only winners:

I continuously miss the greatest shots-that-even-National-Geographic-will-hire-me-for of all time! Or it's that I move to get the picture and the 50 different sorts of wildlife take flight in one big lift off. Yesterday, I was even crawling on my hands and knees in my house just to get shots through a window/screen that you see posted here. I'm not so good at this camera thing. Or it's my camera. Or both, because in my little head, it can't just be operator error. Seriously. I need help. So, I'm going to look for a new bright shiny camera as well as hunt for camouflage outfits. And not the bright orange please-don't-shoot-me either. Maybe even something along the lines of dressing as true shrubbage? The husband will be so excited! A new camera!

By the way, these are my heroes. They are going to catch those fuzzy tailed rats one of these days, if I only open the door. . . .

Your thoughts? Suggestions?


mindy said...

Speaking from experience, getting new cameras is FUN!! I have thoroughly enjoyed mine, as you could probably tell from all the doggy action shots on the blog. Catching wildlife would be a lot harder. Maybe I should try that... Good luck!

Oh, also, the ones you did get are pretty cool pics!

mindy said...

Wait, were you asking for suggestions on cameras?
Mine is the Olympus EVolt 500 Digital SLR. That is a mouthful. So far, so good though!

Jen said...

Mindy: Thanks! Super thanks! I was asking for suggestions or thoughts on anything regarding my life with my camera. I know I need an edumication class on said digital cameras, but the classes I find around here are not what I am looking for [thus far].

I am off to read about your Olympus EVolt 500 Digital SLR. . . . does it, in fact, take quick succession of pictures or does it take time to revamp in between each pix taken? Am I making any sense? I don't know camera-speak. Sorry.

Ian said...

I get the picture first, then try to move in and get a better angle and stuff. With digital cameras you can delete the crap ones and with photo editing software you can crop out window frames and other stuff that you get in the frame.

mindy said...

My camera WILL do a quick succession of pictures, though I have to admit I haven't mastered that yet. It's a cool camera, and the guy told me it's a good "starter SLR" camera if you've never had one before. So far, I agree.