Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Hour

Today, I woke up with severely swollen bedhead after going to sleep straight from the shower and it made me happy.

I watered the flowers in my pajamas with my bedhead and it made me happy.

Today is just breezy enough that it flapped my Joe Boxers bottoms in the wind while chiming my new wind chimes and it made me happy.

I drank 32-ounces of water instead of coffee and it made me happy. But I still drank coffee anyway, which made me even more happy.

Today, I finally showed the rats-with-fuzzy-tails who is boss and it made me happy.

My house is relatively clean and has stayed so for 24-hours, which made me really happy.

This is the husbands fourth day off and it made me absurdly happy.

I ate my leftover turkey sandwich with cranberry mustard and grilled asparagus for breakfast and it made me happy.

What's your excuse?

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