Friday, October 17, 2008


Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
. . . .wait. . . that's our version. . . .
But I am standing on a rampart that surrounds old Quebec City. The only remaining
fortified city walls in the Americas north of Mexico.
And, we walked on them.
Now, that's cool!
(the fountain you see is in front of the National Assembly of Quebec)

Sorry for the brief intermission. The husband and I went on a vacation. We are now back in our Longhorn City in tow with 1,298,376,457 pictures. Sorta. Might be more like 500, but I've still got to review and edit the worthy one's so it might as well be 1.3 million. For serious.

That said, I've also have loads of travel tips for you. Such as the highly helpful, "do not pack for an 8 day vacation after one has consumed 2.5 bottles of wine oneself". Be ye not so stoopid. One doesn't tend to exactly know what one has packed. Stilettos are not a good item for a 5 to 6 hour walk a day. I'm just sayin'.

I have more bits of brilliance, but unfortunately, today will not be the day you get my moments of exceptional clarity. I don't have the time right at the moment, though I wanted my 7 readers to know I've been thinking of all ya'll. Mwah!

Au revoir et salut! At least until next time. . .


Princess of the Universe said...

I wish you could have been a couple of provinces over!!

Jen said...

Princess: Me too! Then you would have had TWO more adults for Thanksgiving!

tt said...

I was hoping the reason you deserted us was due to some sort of fun!!:)
I've always wanted to go to Canada...not sure what we'd do there...but still.....
Glad you had some fun. it was your turn.
So, how'd the stilettos do with your knees being jacked up?? I'd think that would hurt a bit...of course, fashion is painful at times but we do it anyway...right?

Queen of no man's land said...

You can now make that 8 readers.. did anyone tell you that you are funny... I'm all about the funny...

And then they were ate.. get it.?? ha ha,, see.. I'm not funny.. but you are..

Simply Curious said...

You look fabulous Chikie!

Jen said...

tt: ohmygosh! Montreal and Quebec City are just beautiful! So much to do and see. . . I have to admit I did not wear thy stilettos - I mean, I packed them, but did not wear them. I KNEW I wouldn't be wearing them & the wine made me pack them. Perhaps it was too much for me to depart from them?

Queen of No Man's Land: It has been declared: texaconsin diva has 8 readers! Thanks for popping in - I'm crazy; not so funny. Just a wee bit on the loony side of life.

Simply curious: thought I'd lost you wa-aaay back when. Glad to see you are still around! BTW - your bum looks pretty fabulous too, but that's not new news!

freakazojd said...

Lady, you're gorgeous! :)
I totally forgot...I owe you a recipe too, don't I! And not to worry, I'm not me to follow me to my new rabbit hole. I'll post the recipe there - was it the Sweet Potato Soup recipe?
To echo Princess, if you had been just one eensy weensie province over (down?) we totally could have hooked up, yo.

Alex said...

Nice tune... catchy! Also good photo, though would it not have made sense to focus on the attractive lady in the foreground rather than the colourful trees and elaborate fountain? I've done the inebriated packing thing, it never works out well!

Loved Canada, spent 6 months there in '97 though never got further east than the wonderfully named Moose Jaw. Still paying for the poutine!

Jay said...

Accueillir à la maison ! Et je vois que vous êtes toujours si beau dans cette photographie merveilleuse.

Princess of the Universe said...

Darling I left you some more Diva Shiny over at my place :)

Suze said...

Wait, I'm commenter number 11. You weren't thinking of me at all were you? I bet I don't even get a souvenir do I? *sigh*

Jen said...

freakazojd: seriously? You were that close? Or I should say, we were that close to ya'll?! And, btw, I do believe it is the sweet potato soup - I will follow your new link to get a hold of you for that!

Also, you're kind - thanks for the lovely compliment.

Alex: yeah, that tune reminds me greatly of another . . . Ha!

I intentionally picked an "artsy" photo to post that the husband took. But thank you!

Drunk packing should be just as banned as drunk dialing!

Jay: I am vowing to learn French! I had to cheat a bit, but I could somewhat gather what you said and thank you! You are always so sweet!

Princess: I'm getting on that one ASAP! Thanks! Big hugs and mwahs!

Suze: I didn't think you'd want a t-shirt that stated, "Your boobs look heavy. Let me help you. . ."

Chief Rock Chef said...

The taking of Quebec - a great moment in British history!

Thanks for the advice about packing, I would never have worked that one out myself ;-)

Great to have you back!

sid said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures and hopefully you have some seriously funny tales to share.

Ian said...

So that's where you've been. Looks great. it's Fall up there and everything. It's on my list of places to visit, but not so high up that I'll go there before visiting all the warm places.

Jen said...

Chief Rock Chef: Yes, I did read about that last huzzah at the Fortress! Very interesting stuff! But me being the history buff that I am, all things old cause great interest in my brain - even Forts!

Seriously, I didn't realize I had packed my stilettos until I got back home AFTER vacation! Very well hidden by very drunk packing.

Sid: 1.3 million pictures may bore my 7 readers, but don't despair. I will find a few good men. . . I mean, photos and post when ready.

Ian: It was beautiful this time of year. The weather was very cooperative too. The husband left it up to me as to whether we hit Hawaii first or go northward. You know me, I chose the arctic tundra. I figured we can go to warmth anytime and this choice held a "walled city"!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh! Look how beautiful you are!

It's so nice to finally see your FACE! I've always associated you as more doggie looking as that's the photo I always see! LOL

Glad you're home! Waiting anxiously for the pics. I ain't ever been that far North!

Jen said...

RLL: you're sweet! Thank you! Yeah, many people think I do resemble my dog, Chobie. Especially since he's my photo of choice for IM, Blogger World, e-mail, etc. . . I can't blame you for thinking that!

I'll put together some pix's for posting. Once I can get them organized and condensed. Montreal and Quebec City are so beautiful, I HAVE to share!