Monday, October 20, 2008

I Once Wanted to Become an Atheist, But I Gave Up - They Have No Holidays h. youngman

I thought to myself, "self you've never made a silk floral thingy maybe you ought to try." Besides, it's got to be cheaper than paying someone else to do it. So, I began to scheme. I also threw in a little bit of design. Then I went to purchase silk floral items list in hand. To which I found myself staring at a bill that was just under $3.1M . . . . .

Right. Great idea to make this festive holiday item myself. It took many hours, a phone call to a floral designer (thanks mom!), a few hot glue gun burns, 2 trips to the craft store and a somewhat pseudo hole permanently burnt into my pocketbook. This is the end result:

World's Most Expensive Wreath

It wasn't cheaper, it took loads of my hours, I physically hurt myself (melted glue is hot and I do not highly recommend you place it on your nail bed at the exact place nail meets skin) and I'm not sure the end result is even remotely pretty.

So, after showing the husband my triumphant national-debt-expense, he replied with some oh-la-la's and a kiss. Awesome man the husband is! Then, just I was about to hang it outside he mentioned, "I wonder how long it will take before someone steals it?" As people have been prone to do with our front yard pretty things. Gah.

I never said brilliance was my forte.


Chief Rock Chef said...

My eldest daughter made one of those a few years ago, out of wire coat hangers, pine cones, cheap artificial flowers and old Christmas decorations. It looks great and we still use it.

Hope yours isn't stolen! That would be a real bummer! (We attach ours with lots of wire...)

Ian said...

It's nicer than a mass produced one made in China with lead and asbestos. But that might be the worst compliment in history.

tt said...

I LOVE it....if it turns up missing you'll just have to come see me to get it back! yea...I'm sometimes naughty like that :)

tt said...

Um....just a wee little 411 for ya...You've got like...12 followers chica....not 7 or 8.
we're loyal like that don't cha know :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! You did it up NICE, lady! That looks great! Okay, so you spent more, and you hurt yourself (hopefully not too badly), and you have to hang it where someone will hopefully NOT steal it, but you did it yourself and it looks great! At the very least, you've got bragging rights. :)

Jen said...

Chief Rock Chef: it seems your oldest daughter had the best idea - use what is around the house. It holds more memories and keeps the expense down. Still it gives you a precious keepsake. Money can't buy that.

I started with tying it onto the nail with loads of wire, but gave up at the un-awesomeness of that work! Bleh.

Still if the want it that bad, they do have to work for it a bit and if they end up with it - then, they can have it.

Ian: You know what? Dad C. said almost the same exact thing as he left out mention of China and Asbestos. Pfffft. . . logical men, but truth be told!

tt: that's quite a drive down to these here parts for you and Lovee, but you're always welcome.

Don't touch the wreath.

tt: some of you are sneaky wiley rabbits and comment 2x's; therefore giving the pretense I have more readers.

Freakazojd: thanks! The husband has declared today that I shall now make another one for the other side of the house. I asked him if he knows HOW MUCH IT COST TO MAKE THE FIRST ONE(!) and he said, "yes. but I like it. It looks good and we need another one on the other side of the house to balance out the home." He's so totally serious too.

ETK said...

if you make more will they end up being cheaper? If we could get the cost to just under $2M, I'd sign up for 2. :) I need a wreath (preferably, something non-edible to the kittehs).

I feel your pain. Occasionally, despite being ever-so-un-creative, I get a bug up my butt and think I can do something better or cheaper and I'm always ever-so-wrong.

You, though. My dear, you are amazing! I love love love this wreath! Who cares if it cost as much as Britney's house. It's gorgeous!

You rock!

Anonymous said...

I have banned glue guns from my house. I have the scars as evidence.

Anonymous said...

OH MY,, I love it.. it is so pretty.. and natural... I like that kind of stuff... the gaudy stuff ... not so much me... but that is just pretty......very very pretty....

If you buy in bulk and get so you can sell them for around 1.2 m.. I'll take one.. just let me know..

yea.. a 1.2 mil wreath on my $45 cardboard shack.. that makes sense...ha ha

Jay said...

That's very impressive. I'm almost afraid of what I would create if I tried that.

Tink said...

Aw, I think it's lovely! Here's to hoping it doesn't get stolen. Maybe you should spray it with mace just in case. Hehe.

sid said...

You made something when you could just have easily have bought it? Why? It's not like you're poor (=

g-man said...

I like it.

I hope your neighbors keep their mitts offen' it. :)

Watch out for that hot glue!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Why, it's damn sure pretty! You should go ahead and start saving up for the Christmas/Holiday wreath he's going to ask for next!

I think you did a fab job!

Jen said...

etk: I wish it were cheaper buying in bulk, but without a dealers license (for silks, floral items, etc.) I get no love. So, my national debt will increase by $1.3M - again.

I grew up with an artist for a mom (she's an interior designer and a silk floral designer). Some of it rubbed off on me. I think it's why I've always loved working with my hands and partly the reason I do what I do now.

Suze: it is amazing how hot glue leaves the scars that it does!

QNML: awww. . . shucks. . . Thank you! If I could get them around $1.2M, I'd so make a profit from sales, but it's not a possibility. Sadly.

Jay: You should "adorn" your viking horns with all things silk floraly! Awesome.

Tink: I considered adding barbed wire to the arrangement, but that is just as detrimental to me as it is to potential thieves.

Sid: I'm poor now. The result of this wreath = poverty.

G-man: yeah! Neighbors keep thy mitts off me floral thingy!

RLL: how did you know the husband also wanted me to create something for Christmas?! And. . . thank you!

mindy said...

You are so creative - this looks beautiful. Even if it was painful (literally) to make! :)

PS. I noticed today that somehow you got removed from my blogroll when I was shifting things around - totally didn't mean for that to happen!!! You're back now, though. :-)

mindy said...

You are so creative - this looks beautiful. Even if it was painful (literally) to make! :)

PS. I noticed today that somehow you got removed from my blogroll when I was shifting things around - totally didn't mean for that to happen!!! You're back now, though. :-)