Friday, October 3, 2008

A Sphincter Says, "What"

Two knees. One diagnosis.

I have Patellar Chondromalacia. I also have Patellar Subluxation. In both knees. Granted one knee is a bit more famboozled than the other, I'm not going to mention any names left knee, ahem. . . . but they each have their degrees of severity.

You may think that I've won something uber fantastic, such as the lottery where I will sleep in $1,000 bills for the rest of my life. And, really, what rich folk does not do that luxurious behavior? Sadly, no. This is not the case for me even with such fancy-schamncy labels. Chondromalacia means I have inflamed cartilage, like arthritis, but instead of the degeneration which comes with arthritis, chondromalacia is thought to be capable of repair. It is also known as "Runners Knee." Hm. . . . Drat. Anyhow, subluxation means my knee cap doesn't glide properly in the groove it was made for; instead it's being pulled toward the outside of my knee.

So, I now know the reason as to why I had to quit my half-marathon training last year. Both cause some annoying pain, especially with physical activities.

Do not despair though. Good news can be found in all this. With a bit of physical therapy all should be cleared up and ready for more marathon training, hopefully by the end of the October month. Which is when I am supposed to begin my marathon training for Team in Training. A cause that is bigger than myself.

Can I get a whoot-whoot-huzzah?!

In other world news, the husband decided to tangle with a tree on a mountain bike trail at high rates of speed the other day.

The tree won.

I think trees always win. It's in their nature to not lose. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the husbands face. We are like two old biddies sitting around comparing aches and pains. . . Okay, the husband doesn't gripe. He just looks like a cute in da face Frankenstein-wanna-be.

Have a great weekend, my seven readers. Don't hit your face on any trees. In fact, I'd recommend not hitting any part of your body on any tree. It hurts.


Ian said...


Oh and wow, yeah, that's a pretty nasty one for Thomas...Geez. Glad it wasn't straight in the brain pan.

Jay said...


whatever that means. haha

And, trees always win.


Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy

What? Was that bad taste? ;-)

Jen said...

Ian: When he called me post accident I asked if he was broken? His only response was, "I think we need to go to the hospital".

Jay: I dunno what it means either, but it sounded good at the time.

You're a bad, bad man, Jay! I giggled in bad taste as well.

Alli said...

OUCHIE! to both of you!

Glad the PT should help you out AND I am jealous that you are doing the Team in Training. I can't believe it has already been almost 6 years since I did that!!! I so want to train again someday.

Jen said...

alli: we're just old. Six years? ? ? Are you serious?! Has it been that long? I just decided to go for it - always wanted to run a marathon & I can do some good along the way. (I also don't have to worry about begging for $$$ this time around to raise the necessary funds - we'll pay it and if anyone else decides to donate, it'll be extra. The husband spends more than that a year on bike racing, so this is MY thing!)

Suze said...

That is why I never, ever exercise. It's dangerous I tell ya!

Princess of the Universe said...

Yeah, what Suze said!

Butch Boo said...

You look after that knee- mine rattles and rolls

Alex said...

Knees eh? What a crap design, mine crack when I stand up and it takes me about half an hour to straighten up in the morning!

ETK said...


I agree - you should maybe stop exercising.

Poor Tonic!!! Hope his face heals.

Fi said...

Whoop Whop! Girl!
I have a friend who is a seasones marathon runner...I think (along with Suze & Princess) you're all mad!
Ouch for Thomas, my scraped and bruised shin of this morning pales into insignificance now!

Take care of yourselves,

Real Live Lesbian said...

Exercise is NOT good for you.

I see two examples RIGHT HERE.

Oh and


Is the question mark for the whole thing...or just the huzzah?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Tree vs cyclist? No contest I am afraid!

Good luck with the physio and getting back to running!

Fi said...

Just to clarify...that should have read whoop! whoop!

tt said...


Ok...I did what the he!! does it mean? lol
And that's a big-ol Owie on the hubs. Dang.....
Sucks about the knees....I hear it happens in older

sorry couldn't resist.}}}}}}

freakazojd said...

Oh man...I was going to say something along the lines of "Your poor knees and your poor husband's face" and then I saw Jay's comment and shared in the inappropriate laughter. Brutal, Jay! Haha!