Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Folly of Oracle Verbiage

I just listened to a Louisiana po-po on TV say, ". . . being investigated for 'homo-side'. . . ."

Not, "hom-uh-sahyd" as it is properly pronounced, but "homo-side."

I have to say, I understand the Cajun/Louisiana accent. I do. I have worked with plenty individuals from the state that, unfortunately, gets hit pretty regularly by some awfully strong hurricanes. It, fortunately, was and still is strongly influence by a mixture of 18th century French, Spanish and African cultures. Hence a strong linguistic accent.

But really, in this day and age, you ought to try and not commit word pronunciation homicide.

I'm just sayin'.


Ian said...

What if he was trying to differentiate between murders of homo-sapiens and murders of neanderthals? You might have both kinds living in some parts of Louisiana from what I've seen.

Jen said...

Ian: from watching "History International", I understand that we all have a wee bit of neanderthal within us. Aside from popular belief, they didn't go extinct; they adapted and bred with the homo-sapiens.

I'm pretty sure this guy didn't really even know the difference between the 2 let alone know the correct usage of said words.

I'm just thinkin'.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me. Why can't people just agree on one way to say "Poinsettia". AARGH!

g-man said...

Maybe he just cant pronounce "hate crime"?

My boss (whom we continually make fun of for doing this) mispronounces stuff all the time. Mute instead of moot, practically any word of foreign origin like Merlot. or fillet.

Lots of good humor there.