Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love is a Thing That Can Never Go Wrong

It's times like these that make the week. 

As some of you may have noticed, it's Christmas Holiday time. This week. So, it's all crazy-like around the city, state and nation. The husband has been on a night schedule for the last few shifts. He was home last night and even though I'm sick in the head with the pernicious Rhinovirus, I resisted the urge for much needed heavy doses of Nyquil. I tried to stay awake as long as the husband. This was hard. In fact, this was too difficult for my tired, snotty head. I psuedo fell asleep on the couch. . . . . .

The next thing I know, the husband is waking me at midnight with a bowl of freshly hand-popped popcorn, a couple of beers and a "Dr. No" DVD ready for "play". 

I made it until 1:30 AM. I have yet to finish the end of the very first "James. James Bond." But I fell a sleep with the hugest ear-to-ear grin this side of Tejas.


Alli said...

Aw! That's so sweet.

I hope you are feeling better!!!

Does T have Christmas off?

Jest said...

That's very sweet...and I hope you feel better for the holidays!!

Ian said...

Beer, popcorn and Bond...man, I knew I should have proposed to him first.

g-man said...

Bummer on being sick.

Glad you got to "watch a movie" while your hubby was home. :)

Feel better soon and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Chris Bowers said...

Bond & Beer. Does it get any better!

Jay said...

You fell asleep on James Bond? That's just wrong! LOL ;-)

Jen said...

Alli: No. The husband does not have Christmas/Eve off. He works all the holidays this year including New Year's Eve/New Year. I'm going to my restaurant by myself tomorrow night (I found out they're open until 8 PM). I'll spend the day at the zoo on Christmas and then come home to make a dinner for us.

I feel somewhat better - at least I'm not laid out on the couch like the last 2 days! Ugh. Thanks!

Jest: It's just my luck to get ill for the holidays! I'm good like that! Thank you! Merry Christmas to you!

Ian: He was a pretty good catch, eh?!

G-man: thanks! Me too on all accounts! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

Chris B.: There is something to be said for "Bond and Beer" - and I gotta say, we did that with Quantum of Solace too! Love those movie taverns and their buckets of beer!

Jay: Actually, I fell asleep twice! The husband woke me up once and the second time, just before I crashed out without Nyquil, I said I was going to bed. So, I guess that only counts as once. I have yet to watch the end! It IS so wrong! Good point. . . .