Monday, April 30, 2007

Because I'm Old[er]

Sunday was the 7th-Anniversary-of-My-29th-Birthday. My friend, Susan, came up for the weekend, which was definitely awesome. This is her:

If you are wondering why Susan looks like the Patio Rules sign, it's because she does.

The husband took us out to Gloria's, an awesome El Salvadoran/Tex Mex restaurant here in this longhorn city of ours this past Friday night. Massive food intake, including Margarita's and Mojito's ensued! Two shared desserts later we wound up at The Covey sharing a bottle of White Star Moet Champagne. In the word's of Borat, "Vary Niiice!"

Bringing my readers to Saturday, the husband took us out for dinner and a band at Central Market for "Burger's and Bach". CM grills burgers, sandwiches and tuna (the tuna was fantastic!) made to order or you can buy any of their drinks, salads or food from their store while hanging around listening to bands play the night away. A group of friends of ours met us out there as well. We stayed laughing, chatting, drinking and eating until the band packed it up. Then, once the 3 of us got home, Susan and I watched, "The Holiday," which is an excellent movie. I highly recommend it!

It's my birthday!
Turtle Cheesecake. . . . mmmmm. . . .

The husband, stealing CM's utensils in massive quantities.
(que "Mission Impossible" theme song)
Yep. The CM Chef caught him.
No jail time ensued. This was good.

The husband was very good to me this year. Too good . . . one of my favorite and most treasured gifts was the Corinthian Bells that I've been wanting for years. They look and sound amazing:

So faith, hope and love abide, these three,
but the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13)

Finally, we sold Eleanor-the-First, yesterday, on my birthday. This little exchange of supply and demand inhibited us from going to Medieval Times. While you might call me a dork, it is where I wanted to go eat on my birthday. It's supposed to be a really fun time (so I've heard - I can't say, because I've never been). Besides, it was my birthday and I can do what I wanted (even if it makes me a doofus). So there.

Except. . . I didn't. Which is okay too. We hit one of our favorite and cute little bistro's instead. Furthermore, consuming ice cream birthday cake from Marble Slab. Yum! We also settled in for some Zombie killing on the XBox 360. Sleep came pretty quickly. All in all a pretty darn good weekend, if I do say so myself.

Bye bye Eleanor.

One down, one to go

P.S. Happy birthday to my big brother too. He was born on the very same day only a year ahead of me. Hey. . . Age before beauty. . . !


Ian said...

Okay, so I make that three desserts over your birthday weekend. Surely you could have managed a couple more.

Happy Birthday!

Jen said...

I did!

--> 2 desserts at Gloria's tres leches & chocolate flan).

--> 1 dessert at Central Market (Turtle cheese cake).

--> 1 dessert at home (Marble slab ice cream cake).

Total ===> 4.


Totally back on my diet forever. Workout once again commenced. For serious!

mindy said...

Happy Anniversary, Jen!

I think I had that many desserts this weekend too, but I don't have a birthday/anniversary as an excuse. Woops.

Anonymous said...

Wow that girl Susan she looks so hot!

Jen said...

She is hot - you just have to use your imagination, 'cos she won't let me photograph her.

Alli said...

Looks like y'all had a great time and lots o' yummy desserts! mm!