Monday, April 30, 2007

Guest Pawsting II

Lola and I got into trouble this weekend by mama. I can't exactly figure out why? We were the one's who were frustrated. Cuz we dug that same hole three times!

And we were only trying to see if we really could dig to China. . . geesh. Lola and I talked. We decided to finish that hole when mama doesn't look.

~ Dixie out.


Alli said...


Tell your mom happy birthday for me, & that Merlah gives her wags and licks her way.

Don't get into too much trouble today as a nice gift to her.


dixie said...


Mama said, "!mucho gracious!" She also said something about you being next.

I'm not bad. I'm a puppy. Trouble is my middle name. I tackled her & gave big kisses as a present for her. I think she liked it.

~ Dixie

Otis said...

Moms are totally lame about fun stuff like "digging holes" and "chewing furniture". Get over it, is what I say!