Monday, April 16, 2007

Perfect For the Everyday Super Hero

The husband may just be right. I may have no shame, but these people have less than I:

Best of Craig's List


Ian said...

Blocked by my company's web filtering system. Dang, will have to look when I get home

Jen said...

Be prepared to sit for hours.

Jen said...

And, tell that ***Mustafa dude to back off on the filtering! On second thought, it's probably appropriate. Though I haven't read the entire contents and cannot vouch for sure, I haven't run into nekked pictures. (Thank the Gods!) Though there are some references to here and there . . . ..

***How is he anyway? Are he and Salemah still on this planet? Tell him "howdy" and that we all must get together as soon as we are able!

Alli said...


Those are hilarious!

Alli said...

Love these:

Ian said...

There's some funny stuff in there.

Mus is good. It's his birthday today in fact. Salimah was taking him out, but he didn't know where. He was going to buy cake for the office, but Vijay talked him out of it. I think I owe Vijay a slapping.