Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guest Pawsting

Mama has been a bit busy lately, so I've taken it upawn myself to post on her blog.

I am Dixie. I am a Boykin Spaniel. I am full of muscles. The humans also call me Dixie Doo and sometimes, cuz I get sooo excited and knock the peoples over, they call me The Bulldoozer. I am a southern belle; I don't knock them over for nothing. I only want to knock 'em over cuz it brings their faces closer to me. I can sit on them and kiss their faces. Why would people not like that?

I love my dad. I love to give kisses when humans are lying on the ground, in the bed and on the couch. I am not supposed to get on the furniture, but I've been known on occasion to maybe get up there. It's Lola's fault.

I love to dig. I dig holes around the backyard. Mostly by the fence, cuz then I can get out and tackle neighborhood peoples. I can give them kisses too.

I love to run. I love to fetch. I really love to bounce. I can bounce almost 5-feet off the ground. Ahhh. . .the ground, I love to lick the kitty litter off the ground. Mama says that's gross, but I like the taste. Mama says not even the cats do that, but who really cares about cats anyways? Felines are not our friends. They're fun to chase. I catch them sometimes. Cats are the enemy to this entire earth. I get along with Mia Bella The Cat, but I want to eat Pontius The Cat. Dad doesn't like that, but I'll get Pontius The Cat when dad's not looking and every dog will be happy. Speaking of dad, I love my dad too.

I love to sleep next to my mama. Then she can't move. I got a new doggie bed yesterday. I love it.

I love to bark. I love to chase squirrels. I will catch them one of these days. They think they're pretty tough running up in the trees and on the fence. Get down by me and then we'll see who's faster. I also love to chase things called birds and things called balls. I love to run. I love my dad. I love to chew bones. I get lots of bones from mama and dad.

I love Lola. She's my best friend. This is her looking like she is yelling at me, but she wasn't. We were playing. Even if she does get mad, I don't care. She never stays mad anyway.

Mama came home from training today on her bicycle and said she saw two Mallard ducks. A boy and a girl. She said she wished she had her camera with her, cuz she said the ducks were sooo pretty. She also mentioned all the cranes and birds flying around all that water right now. I love water too cuz I love to swim. I love birds even more. I'll catch the birds one day. If I had been with mama today I would have got those ducks and brought them back for her and then she could have pretty ducks all the time.

This typing thing is a lot of work. I'm going to eat dinner. I love food. I can eat a lot.

Dixie out


Alli said...

TOO CUTE!!!! She's such a pretty girl! I bet Merl-dawg would LOVE playing with all of them. :)

You're Dixie is a better typer than I am! ;)

Otis said...

Dear Dixie,

I think you are one sexy mama! Check out my blog on dogster and let me know if you see what you like!


Dixie said...


I think I love you.

~ Dixie

Ian said...

Okay. Kittie litter Dixie? Really? Remind me not to let you lick any part of me, ever.

dixie said...


Mama said that you and her eat raw fish. Is this the dog gone truth? Remind me not to let you lick any part of me, ever too.

Besides, you're gonna mis out on the excellent kisses I can do.

~ Dixie