Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Hour Part Duex

Today, I woke up with severely swollen bed-head from going straight to sleep after the shower - again - and once more it made me hugely happy.

The husband made me toast with Nutella and coffee for breakfast today and it made me happy.

I received a phone call today that will make our life with our four-legged furry one's easier and it made me happily relieved.

It is slowly raining here today in our Longhorn city, watering our newly sodded backyard, which made me immensely happy.

Today, the husband went grocery shopping with me and it made me absurdly happy.

I made Spicy Tomato & Coriander Soup today and it made me happy.

Today, I learned that coriander is also known as cilantro (the common North America name), which I never knew previously, and it made me quizzically happy.

I learned an easy way to chop herbs is to put them in a mug and snip with a pair of scissors (held vertically) today and it made me happy.

Today, I am finding one of my favorite cookbooks is "400 Best-Ever Soups" and I happily recommend it.

What's your alibi?


P.S. This cookbook contains a complete guide to ingredients and how to use them in each recipe. It gives step-by-step instructions with photographs for each soup, as well as for making your own stocks from vegetables, chicken, beef, fish and shellfish. Instructions on how to make fancy-pants garnishes are also included. At the very bottom of every recipe you find listed the complete nutritional information. Miss America's-Next-Top-Model-Diva-Extraordinaire, the one and only Tyra Banks (& as we all know I'd happily inject her into my very own veins if I could), recommended this cookbook in the "Shape" magazine. Since it's Tyra approved I had to run out and immediately purchase this soup book from Barnes & Noble. I have not been disappointed. Besides, she's not like the sneaky liar at all.

So far, I've made the following soups and have been more than pleasantly surprised as well as supremely happy:

  • Chilled Asparagus Soup
  • Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup
  • Tortilla Tomato Soup
  • Spicy Tomato & Coriander Soup
Next up: Curried Celery Soup, Fresh Tomato & Bean Soup as well as Spicy Bean Soup

But doesn't Iced Tomato & Vodka Soup sound spectacular as well? Bloody Mary in a bowl - can't get much better than that! [Just for Ian ('cos he loves vodka not-so-much) . . . ]


Alli said...

Sounds dee-lish!


Godiva Jen said...

Even the husband has loved them! That's how good they are! However, I will say that he refused (absolutely refused) to even try the smallest bit of the chilled asparagus soup. Reasoning? The husband said, "soup is not meant to be eaten cold. Soup is meant to be hot."

Pffft. Men.

It was good, I tell you. . . Good!

mindy said...

Someone doesn't like Rachel Ray, huh?!? :-)

Godiva Jen said...

No! She's a big fat sneaky liar! If you read the post from the very. first. time. I. tried. her. cookbook You'll see why I don't like her. Besides, any of the recipes I've tried from her cookbook haven't been very tasty or good. It's all been pretty bland and she's not a diet cook either.

That's all I'm sayin'.

But I love Jamie Oliver! And not just 'cos he's the naked chef. . .