Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Used to Be Angry Every Day, Then Every Other Day, Now Only Every Third Or Fourth Day. . . Today Is The Day I Am Angry.

I'd like to start out by mentioning [once again] the husband has the uncanny ability to be right most of the time. So, for the past year, let it be known that the husband was once again uncannily correct.

The husband and I have decided to build a fence, in our Longhorn city, around the entire yard - not just the back as is our current situation. The husband has mentioned wanting to "fortress our home" to me more than once throughout the year we have lived here. He wanted a fence. He wanted to keep people out. He wanted safety. He wanted quiet. He wanted seclusion. I objected. Strongly objected, if you will. I wanted beauty. I wanted openness. I wanted a friendly place where all were welcomed. I wanted a pretty yard that everyone could enjoy including us. I have spent a lot of time in our front yard trying to make pretty this spring and summer. The husband, on occasion, has joined me in this effort. The front yard was turning around nicely, so much so, that the former owners of our house left us a note to tell us that they "love what we are doing to the yard!" Yes, with an exclamation point! Which we all know means something more than just something if you put an exclamation point at the end.

The point is that our front yard does look decent and if given a few years it will look fabulous, if I do say so myself. I've always wanted a yard with gardens and lots and lots of flowers as well as shiny pretty things. I was on my way to attaining that dream . . . .

Now want an 8-foot fence. Immediately. With crushed glass and barbed wire decorating the top ever so nicely. I want it to look nasty and in turn make our house look like a prison yard. I. Don't. Care. I want it as high and as deathly as humanely possible.

You see, some b*st*rd low-life cretin stole my hanging planters off of my double-shepherds hook not even 10-yards from our front door sometime between Monday and today. I only had them for two-weeks before they were swiped. They were beautiful with pink, red and white impatients adorning the wire English baskets. Each of the planters were worth just over $50.00. (Yeah. I paid a lot of money for those flowers & baskets, I wanted the front door to look nice.) So the thief made off pretty well. They weren't light either since they were big and weighed between 15-20 pounds each. I hope the sniveling-weenie pulled a muscle in each their fingers. Or the wet-smelly dirt spilled all over their vehicles and it won't come up. Or the plants died during transfer. Or they got worms. Karma has it's way of coming around and we all know you don't mess with karma. Just ask, Earl Hickey.

Yeah. I'm bitter. And not too pleased. I want a fence. I seriously cannot believe that someone drove up in our circle drive and stole our flowers. Who does that? And why? And, why us? Do you know how many people have yard art in their lawns, but ours was the only one hit? Why? For God's sake, they're flowers. Go grow your own. The husband is surprised that I am surprised, but I so firmly believe in "do unto others as you would have done unto you" that I think the world is a genuinely good place. Or has good intentions. But as I am becoming old and decrepit I am finding that it may be I who is warped. People aren't always good. And many only care about themselves. It's a sad state of affairs when someone steals your flowers.

Shame on you, you sniveling-snot-nosed-cold-hearted-rat-coward-ugly-jerk-face-piece-of-poo- weenie! In the end it is you who has to face the Reaper.

So, I leave you now, because I must go grab my front-yard tree hanging basket, my plant stool as well as its potted flowers from underneath my empty shepherds hook and move it to our fenced-in backyard. Come to think of it, I should pull up the shepherds hook too. . . . The low-life petty thieves could be back for more - I guess you just never know.

In the end, it'll be me with the last laugh. And a fence.

To use the words of Joy Turner, "Karma this, you dummy!"


mindy said...

That sucks!!! I hate when people shake my faith in humanity. Usually it's a guy who breaks my heart, but getting stuff stolen would do it too. You just have to wonder: was it even worth it for these people to jack your stuff? Ridiculous!

Godiva Jen said...

Update: I let our Neighborhood Association know about our petty thief jacking my stuff and it was suggested I call and make a police report. The husband and I had decided not to call/file/complain/bother the police because it is petty. Besides, it's not like we'll ever see them again.

However, the TNA (Tanglewood Neighborhood Assoc.) suggested that we do file a report. 1) It helps the law in "trending" [fancy-pants name for tracking] crime. And, 2) It can help us step up police patrol if the crime continues down its same path. (We've had a lot of car break-ins, as well as garage & shed break-ins. We live in a nice neighborhood, people!)


At least we're not as bad off as this guy: who was in his basement one day and thought he heard his wife come home a bit too early. he went to investigate. . . . turns out some thief made away with all of his backyard lawn furniture - over $1,500.00 worth of it.

It's a conspiracy. It has to be.

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

As Mindy says, that really sucks! I can hardly believe people would be so crap. It makes me mad thinking about it.

Ian said...

Wow. That's crap. You do live close to a university, right? Could be students. Petty, pointless stealing of stuff you don't need to steal really sounds like the work of students.

Ian said...

Except, of course, it's summer

Godiva Jen said...

Yep. We live close to the University, but it is more likely they would steal our TCU Horned Frog flag that has been flying for a year now than the flower baskets.

And, yes, it is summer - classes aren't really in session. So, I don't think it was the students.

It makes me mad too. In fact, I'm still mad about it. People are crap. Well, not the people I know and love, but these thieves are crap.

Ian said...


Alli said...

What a shame. Unfortunately, crime is everywhere. AND criminals like to go into nice neighborhoods to steal and/or damage nice things.

I can't believe someone would steal flowers. How odd!

When we were in the Woodlands, someone stoll the hubby's license plate...and one of our neighbors had their motorcycle stolen.

People suck sometimes. I guess we just have to be happy that we don't have to live with those people or ARE those people. I agree....what goes around, comes around....they will get theirs someday.

Godiva Jen said...

It seems trivial, but it upsets me! The husband wasn't too happy either. Usually things like this don't bother him, he just tells me to go buy more, I refuse, he keeps urging and then I finally break down and buy more. Not this time, he wasn't too pleased with the scum of thieves and has yet to mention "go buy more". If I do it will be for the backyard only until we get. our. fence. in front.

You're right Alli, it's the world we live in today. Sad but true.

Ian, that's a word I hadn't thought of. . . scum. Good word! [Don't lose your liver in Vegas, 'cos not everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. Especially livers - you need that to live. . . .]

I'm just sayin'