Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Guest Pawsting III: Rub-a-Dub-Dub Two Dogs in the Tub

Dixie here.

Apparently, today is bath day, but not for me or Lola. Only for Chobie and Breagh. At least that's what mama said. I took some pictures of them while they were all wet and unhappy. I thought it was funny, but they called me a doofball and told me to get out. Geesh. Where's the love?

Anyhow, here's their picture of what they normally look like:

Mama and Breagh
King Chobie

I love bath day! Why couldn't I get a bath too? I am the only dog who likes getting washed. I seek out water. I jump in water. I splash the water. I love water! I don't know why Lola, Chobie and Breagh hate it so much. It feels cool and wet. I love the water! I wish it were my bath day.

Mama bought these tools:

The Furminator is supposed to be
an awesome de-furring system. Mama doesn't yet know about that, but we sure like the
smell of the shampoo and conditioner.

And here's them in da bath:

King Chobie again. He's all wet in da face!
See how I was trying to help?

This is Breagh. She hates getting a bath.
She also hates getting her picture taken.

Funny stuff!

You know who'd l'd like to throw in the bath? That Pontius-cat-thing. That's who. Oh. . . . Mama just said that Sir Pontius loves the water. Huh? A cat who loves water?! What thuuu. . . . . She told me that when she's in the bath Pontius jumps in and swims around her! See? I told you that cat is stoopid. Well, maybe not, 'cos he likes the water just like me. One brownie point for the cat. But that's it. He's not getting anymore from me.

Oh yea . . . . Mama just told me that Dad's coming home early today - usually he works evenings, but not today! I love my dad! I get to watch him race his bike tonight. I love that! Gotta go take a nap all this bathing stuff has worn me out. First, I might just chase Pontius and get him all riled up. That's fun too!

~Dixie out.


Ian said...

Hey! I always assumed Chobie was a bit of a fatty fatster until that picture of him soaking wet. Are you sure he's still the alpha dog? Looks like someone might have been stealing his food.

Godiva Jen said...

Awwwh. Poor Chobie. He's not fat; he's just big furred.

You big meanie.

Alli said...

Those pics are so precious!!! TOO CUTE!

mindy said...

Big furred? Hahahaha!

Ian said...

Okay, I'm totally stealing big furred for myself. Not sure it will work though.

Tink said...

My dogs don't mind bath time either...

As long as I kiss their heads while I'm doing it. Seriously. They're weird.