Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where Has All The Godiva Love Gone

Once more, it's gone to the great white north. It was a last minute deal. Explanation to follow at a later date and time.
I return to my longhorn city (& the husband) tomorrow very. early. in. the. morning. I'll have something genius to say then, I'm sure. Actually, the husband and I have to lay sod in the backyard (come to think of it, maybe I should just stay here). Say good-bye to the mud, the mud puddles, the alligators and the gigantic prehistoric mosquito's as well as having to walk the four-legged's 18,000 times per day. [Yes, in case you are wondering, we still have an actual concrete swimming pool that will remain under the new sod. Jackhammering can only go so far before one begins to feel like Muhammad Ali after 20 years of boxing . . . ]

1 comment:

Ian said...

Maybe you should dig it out loosely cover it with brush so you can use it as a tiger trap. With all the other wildlife showing up in your garden you'll need one sooner rather than later.