Monday, September 1, 2008

Does This Monitor Make Me Look Fat?

Stoopid schedulers of the husbands work. . . . I mean, that it is nice to actually give him a holiday off, but make him work the entire graveyard shift the night before you give him a day off. That makes total sense, right? Right!


'Cos then on his day off he Will. Sleep. All. Day. Duh.

No wonder this couple in this Longhorn City has no idea what a holiday actually is.

So, thanks for making me go clean on a holiday, thanks for making the husband sleepy for the day and, last, but certainly not least, thanks so much for your consideration. We have learned that in order for the husband to get the day off requested by him we have to specify to not make him work graveyard the night before (it is here that I would like to note to my seven readers, that today was not a "request off" made by the husband. It was an assigned holiday "day off" by the scheduling company.) You almighty smiters. One too many times he's asked for a day off and you give him the night shift before that day off. We are on to your wiley ways. . . . oh yes we are. And, we will be sure to not make the same mistake 5x's.

For serious.


Alli said...

Man, that stinks!!! We'll hopefully you 2 can do something fun tonight.

Miss you!

Fi said...

There's always something right? I mean Alex gets a weeks "holiday" in two weeks time. But when you realise that it takes two of those 7days to travel home and back again then it's only 5days.

5days does not a week make.

Sleeping off your night shift does not a day off make either!

Is this what we get for marrying intelligent men with difficult jobs?!

ETK said...

Aww! that sucks - I'm sorry. Cleaning? Phewy! That sucks big ones!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

That really sucks! I can't believe people pull crap like that!

BTW the monitor only makes you look fat if I fiddle with the aspect settings and stretch you out sideways.

g-man said...

Hi Jen, I missed you too. I cleaned all weekend too. I can also empathize with you on the work issues. I used to be the one with the crazy hours and working shift before a holiday. Fortunately now I am on a straight day gig.

Now that you have the scheduler's M.O. you will be able to take advantage of it!

Jen said...

Alli: we did! We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Brix, and had a fabulous 4-hour dinner which, obviously, included WINE! Really, really good wine! The food was awesome too!

Miss you too!

Fi: You have wonderful insight! I suppose it's a burden we have to bear. . . I hope your 5 days will be wonderful!

EtK: see? I had good reason to "pout". Cleaning. On a holiday. Pffft.

Rock chef: It super sucks. Here's the problem, they do this shite all. the. time. Obviously, if the husband asks for a day off there is a reason to ask for the day off. But to make him work the overnight before that day off makes absolutely no sense to either of us?! Unfortunately, the husband has a job that doesn't give him weekends or holidays off, so there will be time he needs to ask for something off. Stoopid schedulers.

Be sure not to fiddle with your monitor settings then, okay? Thanks! A gal needs all the help she can get.

gMan: You know my pain! I feel for you, but am happy you're a regularly scheduled Joe now! Definitely will not let the schedulers rule us no more!

Ian said...

Yeah, that's crap. Is he still last guy in then?

Jen said...

Ian: No. He's the only guy who won't complain about his schedule, but that doesn't mean I can't.