Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things Could Be Worse, You Could Be Ugly & Clean Septic Tanks

We seem to be getting a bit of wind and a little rain here in our Longhorn City. Hurricanes have not been a bother to us being so far north inland, but we do get residuals.

Speaking of leftovers. . .

Since the husband had yesterday off, but due to stoopid schedulers scheduling a full night beforehand he had to sleep all day, he took me out to dinner at one of our favorite local jaunts. A happy Texaconsin Diva I was! We actually got to sit down and enjoy our time, ordering sporadically the appetizers, the salads, the main courses and the desserts. Let us not forget the wine either. Of course there was wine, are you crazy? Four-and-a-half hours we got to eat, drink and take in awesome conversation with one another. It was all very European-like and super fantastic.

Tables came and went all around us. We were in our own world and occasionally, as it goes when you sit too close to someone, one might have occasion to "walk the dog" as the husband and I call it. So, here we are enjoying our time, when - for the sake of being polite, let's call them girls - came in for a table of eight. Already completely inappropriately dressed (a bit of Diva advice here: I realize you don't speak Prada and this is okay - it's not a common language, but and even more important is the fact that less is not necessarily more) and obnoxious, they ordered, they ate and they drank. Fine. Such is life at a restaurant.

In doing so; however, they must have a person who takes their orders. Our favorite guy was unfortunately assigned to this gaggle of wretchedness.

Some time later I heard, "So, like, do we get the hurricane refugee discount? Cause, I like, am a ref-you-geee." Which left our waiter man as well as myself completely and utterly flabbergasted. Composing himself, he replied in his perfectly delectable Italian accent, "I don't know. I'd have to check. Are you are a hurricane refugee?" Her friends chimed in with a resounding "yes!" Then she continued, "I can show you my I-Dee. It says I live in Tenness-eee, but I like live in Lou-eee-si-anaaah."

***blink, blink***

The girl did get out of paying her bill when clearly she was not a refugee of this current hurricane. Seriously. I would like to know why you seem to think that if you cannot pay your bill why you would eat out? And then, on top of that, play the whole "a hurricane ruined my life card" when you are not that person? I am overwhelmingly sure Beelzebub has a special place in his broken down palace waiting for you.

The husband and I left a couple hours later and we offered to pay her unpaid bill, but we were given complimentary port instead.


g-man said...

Of course offering to pay speaks volumes about your character. :) Some people are just stupid.

I enjoy those long dinners with my wife when we have a chance to connect again after long periods of hectic schedules and such. We all need those from time to time.

tt said...

I'm so glad you two got to go out and be together for a while. It's necessary to reconnect from time to time and just enjoy each others company.
I have one thought about the poor 'refugee' gal....KARMA. Yep, one day it'll bite her in the keester and she'll wonder what she did. Stupid runs clear to the bone sometimes. ;)

Ian said...

Wait! What? Why did they give her a discount? Did they have a Hurricane refugee discount advertised or something? You walk into a nice restaurant you can't pay for and demand a discount...? Get bent lady. Wash some dishes if you must.

Jen said...

GMan: Nights like those aren't long forgotten! We just thought it was the right thing to do by offering to pay the bill. The girls had no business being there.

tt: You are correct. The Karma gods don't easily forget. . . .

Ian: They didn't just give her a discount, the restaurant actually "comped" her entire meal! No, this place did not have any sort of hurricane refugee discount special - in fact - I don't know of anywhere in our Longhorn City that is offering any sort of deals to those who may be in hurricane relief need? I know we this city is on a list for evacuees, but usually they head to the other big city bright boots place. . . .

Yeah! Get bent lady!

It disturbed me more than it probably should have.

AmyTree said...

The world would be such a nice place if it weren't for all those awful PEOPLE!!! Ugh. I would totally have offered to pay her bill too, stupid cooch.

It does sound like a lovely meal, and a very nice way to spend time with your husband!! Mmm... xxx

Anonymous said...

That was very nice of you to offer to pay their bill. I agree with g-man, some people are stupid! I also get upset when I hear people that are evacuated complain about the accomodations. Really? Is there not a "free" dry roof over your head? UGH!! A lot of people seem to want stuff for free.

Princess of the Universe said...

That is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. Stupid girls.
I can't believe the restaurant gave them a free meal!

Jen said...

amytree: "stupid cooch" - Love it! Will store in my grey matter for future use, if you don't mind.

It was a great meal/time. I am lucky!

suze: I so honored you visited my wee leetol blog! Thanks!

I am so bothered by people seeking out the free things in life - food, shelter, bills, etc. Why did you steal my credit card number? Get. A. Job. Work like the rest of us.

Princess: yes, they were girls (around 18-22 years of stoopidness). Okay, don't send hate mail people, it's only people like them of this age that are stoopid. And ignorant.

It's a great restaurant. I knew as soon as valley-girl asked, they'd be getting a free meal out of it. It's why it bothered me so much. Nice people at this place being taken advantage of. . . grrr.

Alli said...

That is absolutely ridiculous!! How outrageous! I have a lot of negative thoughts about that but will keep them to myself.

Good for you & T for offering to pay. That makes up for their wretchedness! ug!

Enjoy the port!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I want to go to dinner with you! Port after dessert?!!?!?! Sounds like a lovely evening minus the Refugee Redneck contingent.