Friday, September 19, 2008

The Trouble With Eating Italian Food is That Five or Six Days Later You're Hungry Again g. miller

I am a geek.

Reason as to why I'm a certifiable geek? Well, here's another three for the already long listing record:

1) While driving to the grocery in my non-Coco Chanel car today, I turned down Cold Play to listen to the purr of the Italian engine of a sleek and beautifully black Ferrari in front of me.

2) Then pathetically attempting to catch up to the sleek and beautifully black Ferrari in my non-Coco Chanel car so I could continue to listen to that beautiful purr.

3) Finally, being redundantly overexcited when the sleek and beautifully black Ferrari got caught at a turn lane light right next to me, so I could hear those Italian cylinders purr quietly one last time.

. . . thereupon I immediately went back to Cold Play and the grocery. I don't think Chris Martin would've minded.


Alli said...

I am sure Chris wouldn't mind.

What Jen doesn't tell you fellow readers is that she has actually had the pleasure of driving a Ferrari. Right J-Dawg? Wasn't a Ferrari?

Jen said...

alli: Yes. It was a beautiful bright blue Italian Goddess. . .

***le sigh***

. . . . Anyway, I did get to fastly drive a Ferrari once after a couple margarita's. I said I couldn't drive his car, b/c I had had been drinking. In fact, I adamantly refused to drive a Ferrari after consuming liquor.

His reply was, and I quote verbatim, "That's what insurance is for."

So, off we went with me at the wheel . . . It was fantastic fun! Like driving Prada silk, if you could drive silk.

Ian said...

You're a geek. Possibly even a nerd.

Jen said...

Ian: 'tis better than a Monkey-child.

So there.

Anonymous said...

I bet even Chris Martin would rather hear a Farrari some days :)

ETK said...

I love you so much!! I would have done the same - perhaps even turn off my own car at that lase light. Purrrrrrrr.

Jen said...

suze: true, true!

etk: I love you too! You just can't beat that Italian purr. . . !

ETK said...

I want to hear about your job?? Don't we get to hear anything about that????? HUH?

Jen said...

etk: there has been nothing of exception that warranted any sort of publication at my new jobbie-job. Sorry. It's only been great and all that I can't complain about!

Maybe some day . . . . .

Fi said...

I'm sure that even Chris Martin likes a break from being self righteous in his Prius (poet and i don't know it!).
Even if it is only to listen to that purr.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Chris Martin lives in the next village along from my FIL. How is that for geeky!

tt said...

Waaayyyyyy back in 1973..I did the same thing to a 1972 Lotus!!! OMG!! I wanted one of those soooo bad!
didn't happen and it won't either. Too much $$$$$$

{{{{{Le sigh}}}}
tis life my lady

Jen said...

fi: good point and certainly, one I did not think of!

rock chef: I LIKE your kind of geeky! Wait till Mr. Martin catches a glimps of you playing in the park!

tt: we get Lotus's around here too. I enjoy their sound as well, but I am hopelessly in love with that Italian Ferrari!