Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Food Is An Important Part of A Balanced Diet (F. Lebowitz)

So the husband said that I could not bring the camera into the one chef's establishment (forewarning: turn sound off/down) that beat the Iron Chef in one of his seven (only) defeats. I wanted to take pictures of the food and wine, not to mention us having a fabulous time, but the husband said with a shake of the head in objection, "no honey. You cannot do that" all stern-like. Flashback 20-years: as if I was standing before my dad and had just done something heinously wrong. . . . I felt like I should go to my room and realized I was already there. Anyway, that was that. I suppose, as usual, he was right. Again. Hmpf. [As a result, you are sadly missing out on some pretty, pretty food and you, unfortunately, will just have to use your imagination as to the presentation of it.]

Likewise, since access to the camera was denied, I made the husband take our picture at home. Before we left. Which means this bit of action from my end made us 5-minutes late for our 7:30 PM reservation.

. . . ahem . . . Oh. Like that's unusual.

Anyway, I can honestly say this, Chef Tim Love completely earned his title to beat Chef Masaharu Morimoto. I cannot even find the words as to how wonderful the cuisine at Lonesome Dove Bistro is. After a filling three course meal, which is made to order, as well as an impressive bottle of wine followed with spectacular chile-chocolate cake, the staff had to roll me out the front door to our waiting vehicle. I'm still full - it's now the next morning. I wish I could relate to you the exact name of all goodies consumed, but they were far more fancy-schmancy-pants than I can remember. Suffice it to say, in a teeny-tiny nutshell, I had spicy barbecue shrimp with spicy fruit salsa, yellow squash fraƮche and for the main course deer filet's with white truffle mac & cheese and fried artichokes. My 7 readers, may believe that I ordered the main course for the meat. Alas I did not. I ordered the meal due to the mac & cheese. At a Western Gourmet Bistro.

It did not disappoint. I wanted to eat nothing else.

Finally, I unsuccessfully tried to get the husband to eat the mac & cheese, but he said he had plenty himself. In my usual
pesky manner, I did not give up. The husband had to taste this most breathtaking, spectacular and astonishing truffled cheese covered noodles. He needed to. They were that great! He steadfastly refused. So, when I finally accomplished getting him to taste a wee little bit - with a wide opening of the eyes and a, "mmmmm! That's really good!" - my mac & cheese disappeared within 1-minute and 14.3-seconds. Gone. My bowl of mac & cheese. ***

Men. You got to love them.

Still, we had a lovely time with one another. As mentioned previously, the food and wine was stunningly remarkable. Absolutely delicious. I just wish every day could be anniversary day.

***Note to self: all mac & cheese from this day forward is mine, mine, mine! I shall not share. Ever.


Tink said...

What a great evening! We need to buy you a mini camera to stick in your purse all spy-like for the next big dinner. Hubby will never know.

Jay said...

I went to a restaurant owned by a famous chef for the first time this summer. I went to Lidia's in Kansas City. Owned by Lidia Bastianich who has a show on PBS and is on with Emeril every once in a while.

My sister and I discussed whether or not we should or could take a camera in with us, but decided we'd rather not look like the Beverly Hillbillies and didn't take the cameras. About 5 minutes after we got seated there was flash from a camera. Then another and then the people next to us got their cameras out took pics of their pasta.

I wouldn't share my mac&cheese with anybody!

Ian said...

Argh! Websites that play music automatically upon loading...Where am I? 1994?

Ian said...

Sounds delicious though. 17 here in Houston does an awesome black truffle mac and cheese that, whatever else I order, is always going to get requested when I go there. Sadly for me, Nikki likes it too.

Alli said...

mmmm....Mac & Cheese....mmmm

Jen said...

Ohhhh! Tink! Fantastic idea - I want the pen/camera thingy. Like 007!

See, Jay, you & me think alike. The husband was mortified I wanted to take pictures of the food and I was like, "uh. He DEFEATED the IRON CHEF. Duh!" But that got me absolutely nowhere.

And. . . .I was still nice enough to share my truffled mac & cheese.

Yeah, Ian, I was going to warn people about that awful music. I forgot. I hate that too and there isn't really an option to mute the sound unless you "pause" or turn your volumen "off". Totally skipped my brain. Apologies to ya'll.

Black truffle mac & cheese? Mmmmm. Must try upon a visit sometime.

My sentiments EXACTLY, Alli!

Alex&Fi said...

Sounds really good, it's 7:30 in the morning and I'm starving for some pasta, not good!

What's wrong with taking cameras to restaurants, we do it all the time? Although Fi does like to take photos of lights shaped like jellyfish!

Alex&Fi said...

P.S. You both scrub up not bad!

mindy said...

Ahhh, so cute. What a great picture!