Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cowboy State Crashing

So, I wanted to post a few pictures and words of our Jackson Hole, Wyoming vacation. Until my computer - my brand new computer, by the way - crashed 5 times. Today. This resulted in me making several phone calls and finally taking in the tower where it was hooked up and worked fabulously without a hitch. Smooth sailing. Right? Right. Wrong! Oh, how wrong this day is or was or has been. ***grrrrrr***

Anyway, this made the Geek Squad think it might be my monitor. Um. No. The monitor also works fine. But the computer continues to crash and with it, it takes my new iPhone. All of my contact information is now gone from my phone. I have no one's address or phone number anymore. Though, thankfully, it did retain all e-mail addresses. Great. I am now asking pleading with all my readers to re-send me their digits and addresses via my e-mail. Pah-leese? With a cherry on top. My apologies as well. [P.S. Does anyone know if there is a backup to the iPhone for situations like this? 'Cos we all know how fun it is to re-enter 70+ phone numbers manually. Excitement. Excitement.]

I'm exhausted. I'm frustrated. I'm grumpy. I'm going to bed.

****I will try to post pictures and stories at a later date and time this week. I'm back to the daily grind tomorrow and none to happy about it either. I already miss the mountains, the fresh air and its wonderous wildlife. . . . ***sigh***


Alli said...

What a bummer!!! Gotta love technology!

Can't wait to see pics when you computer decides to behave!

I'll email ya my info.

Jay said...

You can email Apple or call their customer service and tell them what happened. They probably have all your info stored somewhere. They are able to restore iPods so why not iPhones too?

Is it your iPhone causing the problem? My iPod Nano makes my PC re-boot every single time I plug it in to update it or charge it. Very annoying, but I never lose anything.

Tink said...

I thought all this new technology was supposed to make our lives EASIER. It never does though.

mindy said...

I am so jealous that you have an iPhone. Not jealous, however, that everything crashed. Sorry to hear that.

Jen said...

Dear iMac:

I thought that your system could communicate with any computer system; speak any computer language... Why then does my iPhone cause my desktop PC to crash? Several times in one day? All I tried to do was download the updates for iTunes, which, by the way, does not work on my brand new HP system either.

Thanks to all your languages spoken, I now have no information left on my cell phone. No numbers, addresses, iTunes or even some e-mail addresses. Its fantastically fabulous to re-enter all such information a second time, especially since your phones don't use a SIM card. That's great.

While your phones are fun they are frustrating. I also don't like computer crashes. I've learned my lesson & will only use my Mac computers from now on, as you too have earned the nickname, "big-fat-liar-number-2."

One final remark..... I cannot post on my blog either. I cannot add pictures to my blog with my phone. I can only write comments & read, which I suppose is something.....but why have a phone be able to access the web only to not be able to properly use it?

I'm just saying'.

Not With Love,

Ian said...

Hmm. You're computer crashes and the Geek Squad thinks it might be the monitor? Really? You pay these geniuses for that sort of brilliance?

Jen said...

Alli: Yes. Bummer. Thank you for sending your digits, longitude and latitude.

Jay: It's got to be somewhere, right? Actually, I logged in on the Mac desktop we have and some (only some) of the information came back. iTunes was easy enough as if you retain your songs/playlists then they are all right there, but everything else is now a challenge. ***hmpf***

Tink: I know! If anything all the new technological advances make it more confusing for us none code monkey geek types. ***pffft.***

Mindy: It's cool. VERY cool. But not when it crashes.

Ian: I don't have my own personal IAN to call when this schtuff happens anymore. ESPECIALLY WHEN I DON'T HAVE HIS NUMBER ACCESSIBLE. ***ahem. . . . duh***

Alli said...

Love the mountain pic, BTW. It's amazing. I bet it was breath-taking.

Ian said...

Oh. Yeah.

Alex&Fi said...

You're getting one of them old fashioned address books for Christmas, they rarely crash (though you can wash them... apparently)

Emmeline said...

wow, that totally sucks!!! So sorry about that . . . I have heard nothing but bad things about the iphone, by the way. Sorry you're having to deal with all this!