Monday, September 17, 2007

You're A Woman & You Come With A Bit of Extra Crazy

She sits in the back of the SUV with a bit of contentment. She's happy as the sun shines down upon her cheeks. A book of great literary importance rests unopened upon her thighs. This sun is finally warming up the dead chill of an ill-timed 4:45 AM wake up call, which jolted her heart into massive unreasonable rhythms. The cold wasn't unbearable at the time, she rather needed it - to chase the cobwebs of sleep from her. But now the day is warming, peaceful. Her friend sits beside her. An unopened book in both her hands as well.

An acquaintance approaches from the distance.

kt: I always feel as if I'm in trouble when Ah approaches me. . .
she: I know! Me too! Look! Right now, doesn't it look like we're going to get yelled at for parking on the side of the highway?
kt: yeah. We're going to have to move. ***snickers***

Grinning sheepishly they both look up at Ah as if theywere going to receive the "talkin' to" of their lives for parking on the highway. Deep breaths. A couple of chagrined smiles along with girlish giggles waiting until his arrival.

Ah: if you're not doing anything, feel free to come sit under the tent. It'll at least block the sun. You can wait for the finish there, if you'd like.
kt/she: oh! Sure! Okay. ***relief***
Ah: ***turning to leave with a slight pause*** what're you reading?
she: ***showing a "Bioshock Strategy Guide" from her lap***
Ah: a war game book?! ***deep sigh of disgust*** well, what're you reading? ***turns to friend***
kt: "Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital (7th Edition)." I've got to study.
Ah: ah. Well. . . . at least that's something worthwhile to read. . . .
she: [blink, blink]

Hastily, as if to validate herself, she quickly grabbed "Middlesex" by Jeffery Eugenides, where she had previously peeled the Oprah's Book Club sticker off, and with one swift move shoved it under Ah's nose. "See! I read worthwhile stuff too!"

For unknown reasons, she felt mortifiyingly shamed.


Princess of the Universe said...

Ah was just over-compensating. She was reading an Archie comment in the tent.

Ian said...

What's wrong with reading a BioShock strategy guide? That's a productive use of your reading time.

Jen said...

I know! That's what I was . . . er. . . I mean, she was trying to show. Productive use of time. For sure!

Jay said...

I hate book snobs. LOL

Alli said...

If Ah only knew just how supportive of a wife you are. You are there for your man to help him "Stategerize."


Tink said...

Pfft. You gotta learn how to play somehow, right? Maybe AH was jealous. ;)

I can't believe you took down the pictures! Don't be self conscious. One time I posted a picture of a money sign made out of pennies for the word "conserve." It was midnight the night before when I remembered the contest and Hoop and I scrounged around for something to shoot. *Snort*