Monday, September 3, 2007

That's Not What You Say to the Free Sample Woman

Thursday night. Exiting our newly acquired favorite Italian dinner place in our Longhorn City, while walking to the car, we happened to come upon an Italian beauty of flawless engineering:

moi: wow! Look at that! ***eyes huge in their own bigness***
the husband: look at what?
moi: it's . . . it's beautiful! ***
the husband: what's beautiful?
moi: that Maserati!
the husband: oh! That is beau. . . .
moi: ***impertinent interruption*** look . . . . look.what.they.did. Oh, they did not! Please tell me they didn't do it! It's just wrong. ***gasping with mortification***
the husband: did what?!
moi: there's a bumper sticker. . . . On a Maserati. ***groan***
the husband: wow! Yeah, they did.

3 minutes later, still making our way to our bumper stickerless car

moi: ***groaning***
the husband: what's wrong, hon?
moi: they put a bumper sticker on a Maserati. ***sigh***
the husband: ***laughing*** yeah, I know baby.
moi: they don't deserve that car. ***hmmpf***

A tragic injustice.


Princess of the Universe said...

I agree 100% - that should be a crime!

Alli said...

Tis a shame. What'd the bumper say? Hopefully at least something non-dumb. ;)

Those are beautiful cars...

Jen said...

The bumper sticker was of

"FWCD" (check the link)

Which means, Ft. Worth Country Day School. A total sheeshi-foofy school here. Translation: I [think I] have more money than Hough Hefner.

As if having a Maserati is not enough of a status symbol.

It's a complete shame. A tragedy. An injustice to the Maserati sports car. . .


Jay said...

There is a guy here in my little town who bought a used Porsche Boxster. He wanted to put a big plastic spoiler on the trunk so people would know it was fast. Is THAT redneck enough for ya?

Alli said...

Oh for the love of Pete! That's stoopid.

Maybe you should get one for Coco Channel that says "my dogs are smarter than your spoiled rotten kid." LOL!

Ian said...

Would it have been better if the bumper sticker said "My other car is a Maserati"?

mindy said...

Wait - do you LIKE Maseratis? It's funny because I actually have a blog post in process titled "If you drive a Maserati, you're probably an asshole."

Seriously, I do. You're better off without one!

david said...

Best bumper sticker story. Ever.

Jen said...

Jay: It's so strange to me as to why [and what] people do to show that they have money. I just don't get it.

Alli: I know. But, you're bumper sticker is better than their bumper sticker!

Ian: No! No! NO! No. Bumper. Stickers. Should. Ever. Be. Placed. On. A. Maserati.

Mindy: Now, I do like Maserati's. But that doesn't mean that jackholes don't drive 'em. For the most part, I'll have to agree with you - I mean, just looked how this guy defaced perfect Italian engineering. ***shame***

David: I believe you're not being facetious, I think? ? ? Either way, welcome to my leetol space of blog o' sphere.

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

No bumper stickers should be placed on any car, ever. End of discussion.
Ok, I'm probably about to think of some situation that a bumper sticker might be acceptable and have to retract that statement but it stands for now.

Tink said...

Maybe it was just a magnet bumper sticker... I refuse to believe someone would do that to a car that nice. Refuse.

Jen said...

Iain: I completely agree.

Tink: Unfortunately, no. It's a plastic bumper - so, no magnetism. It's such a sorrow. Dreadful. I know.

Alli said...

Maybe the Maserati is his junker or kid-mobile. Perhaps his precious car is that million plus Bugatti Veyron????

Have ya seen this thing? sheesh!