Monday, August 13, 2007

Lead Him Into a Trap and Take All His Checkers

I'm certain that this has been brought to attention by more important people's than moi, but I just want to do a quick ranting shout out for the "most confusing assessment formation". One that which irritates me most often and not due to the fact that my day was craptacular, because it was anything but that. It's been a fabulous day, in fact. This thing however was a slight annoyance and had it been a mosquito, I would have squashed it dead.

This thing that irritated me today and mostly every month of every year since I was a, . . . okay, right . . . that's my business, is: insurance companies will insure men for Viagra and all those wonderful male enhancement type druggy-things-in-a-bottle to make the sexy-time more pleasurable, but will not cover the costs of birth control for women.

There. I said it.

Does this make any sense? Can someone explain this to me so that I stop sending evil thoughts, hexes and vexes towards our insurance company? Why do men get insured the help in being prevented an embarrassment, but women are denied the help which can assist in stopping a potential unintended pregnancy? Why, why, why?

I mean, I certainly don't want to get preggers 8 to 15 times throughout the remaining years I have left in me for birthing. Apparently, after doing a very small amount of research on the world-wide web this evening, this is the average a women can have a parasite growing inside her during her fertility years, which, amazingly happens to be for 20- to 30 years. Ah. Menses. That wonderful womanly thing we endure for somewhere close to 7,300 - 10,950 rotations of the earth around the sun during our lifetime. Most excellent.

Anyhow, I could rant about this and how it costs more to raise a baby than it does to prevent one, but my posting would be entirely too long and you, my 7 readers, would get insanely bored. Which could potentially lead you to never re-visit again. Instead, I'll just leave it at this one last thought, I don't usually post political, religious, sexy or debatable items on my post. I don't feel the need with so much of it going on elsewhere in this great blogosphere of ours, but I had my monthly slight irritation at my local drug store drive-thru once again today. I just had to tell you all.

So, now you know.

P.S. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, 33 million American women are in need of contraceptive services and supplies, yet most women using birth control pay for it themselves. Moi, being one of the included.

I'm just sayin'.


Princess of the Universe said...

1. You have drive-thru drug stores? Cool.

2. It's probably because we're supposed to be fruitful and multiply- which would be a problem WITH birth control and WITHOUT Viagara...
(I'm not sure who makes the's just my half-assed opinion)

Jay said...

The reason that insurance companies won't include contraceptives under prescription plans is because the right wing whack-jobs have beaten then into submission.

There are a lot of state legislators in this country who have actually tried to get contraceptives outlawed for women. Interestingly enough the people who have tried to get these laws passed are all old white Republican men. But that's another rant. ;-)

Anyway, these whack-job groups have convinced the insurance companies that if they include the pill under their plans they are encouraging all women to become Lindsay Lohan type sluts. And because they DO BELIEVE that married people should be FORCED by the gov't to have kids.

Jen said...

PrincessOTUniv: They even have drive thru liquor stores here. Welcome to Texas. You also seem to have the same thought process as Cynical Bastard. Why have I never thought of this? Good Gawd, sometimes I match my hair color.

Jay: I. am. not. a. baby. maker. Who did I previously vote for that said I am. Bastards. I'm taking back my vote. Outlawing contraceptives? Outlawing contraceptives! Pfffft. . . the nerve. Frickin' wack-jobbie-jobs. . .

And some parents should have a license just to think they should procreate.

Ian said...

Any debate on this sort of thing should be left to the 16 female members of the Senate, while the men wander off to talk about football or something. Everyone would be much more comfortable.

mindy said...

Luckily my insurance covers this. If they didn't, I think I would go ape-shit. It's so frustrating. And stupid. I agree.

Alli said...

WOW!!! Your insurance does stink. I can't believe they won't cover BCPs. That's insane!!! I didn't realize there were some out there that don't. I am lucky that all of mine have. When I was at Lex, I only paid $5 for mine. On the hubby's, we pay $15 for it.

Have they explained to you WHY it isn't covered?

It's too bad that a medical professional & his wifie have poopie insurance. That just ain't right!

Tink said...

>>It costs more to raise a baby than it does to prevent one<< I hate that reasoning. It's like saying, "it costs more to be alive than dead."

Insurance companies suck. The reason they pay for Viagra and not birth control is because they're run by men. Good ol' boys to be exact. We need a health care for women run by women. Power to the pussies!

Jen said...

Ian: I would think that it would be better for all involved to do the things that they know of. The comfort level of everyone would increase ten-fold.

Mindy: I'm jealous. I want your health insurance.

Alli: I pay $50.00 every month for my BC. Nothing is covered. Neither is my headache medicine or doctor visits. I swear after getting the bill the insurance company pays $10-15 and I pay $130 on up (times 3) for one flippin' visit. We have no dental either and no vision. Needless to say, but I try not to go to the doctors' much. The cost is too high all the way around. Weird, huh? The medical field has sucky insurance.

But, people say, "you're married to a doctor, why can't they treat you without costs involved?" B/c my friends, that is illegal and drugs aren't free. And, I am scared of the pokey.

Tink: I agree. That reasoning is stoopid, but it's true and apparently the good ole boys club don't listen to it none. It's like hitting your head on a brick wall. . . wait . . . no. The wall pays more attention.