Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life Is So Much Simpler Here

Things I learned in two weeks time with a wee little 4-year-old:

Ketchup is essential. A food group of its own accord. [We've gone through more ketchup in the one week than in one year total.]

Boo-boo's [safety blanket] and thumbs, no matter how gross dirty, are an essential part of life.

Chicken-fries and nuggets are real food.

4-year-old love is unconditional.

Counting to 3 works. [Regardless of whether you have no backup plan as to what you will really do if you reach the number 3.]

Music is universal. [***radio playing*** "hey! How can you have the same music as my dad does?!"]

A hug, a kiss and a "I love you" are the only vital things necessary.

Sharing is relative.

Amazingly, 4-year-olds, if given a choice, will usually make the right one.

Do make their own bed and pick up their room daily without being asked. [Will also voluntarily clean & make Uncle's and Mintie's too.]

They are picky about what constitutes cool clothes.

Prefer quiet time alone now and then.

Kids fight. When it's over, it's done and they are best friends all over again.

Will try anything once. [You only have that "once" to get it right or it's done forever.]

Imagination, as are questions, are limitless without boundaries.

Life is about colors [pink], princesses and laughter.

Wishing she were ours permanently.


Alli said...

Maybe you need one...a lil one of your own, that is! ;)

I like the new template!!! Wish I could figure out how to make mine more personalized!

Jen said...

I'm not sure I need one o' moi owns? But(!) I'd love me her, for sure! Her mom is doing slightly better - brain injuries are hard to measure in the first few months.

I took that picture of the water in my heading. I had to crop it to make it fit (be ye aware - it'll take the ENTIRE page up for the heading alone, if you don't rectangularize it!)

- Go to your "Customize".
- "Edit" your Alli "Header"
- It has a space for "Image" where you can upload one from your personal pictures or the web. (I haven't tried the web yet)
- Wah-lah! You have a customized header!

I took a "template" already made and switch up fonts and colors from Blogger to get a new look. This was easy.

Hope this helps!

Ian said...

Ketchup is a food group all of its own.

Alli said...


mindy said...

So cute.

I like the new layout - good work!

Alli said...

P.S. I hope her mother heals ok. What happened to her?

My masters' research project involves traumatic brain injured patients.

Tink said...

My God that kid is cute! I love your smile in that pic too. So happy. Makes me all warm and fuzzy in side, yo.