Friday, August 10, 2007


So, I've checked and apparently there is no full moon this week. The recent craziness as well as non-bloggingness in our Longhorn City home is not due to expansively full moonlight or lack thereof. Nope. It has nothing to do with the moon orbiting the sun. Nor the stars, astrology or alignment of the planets either. The delirium is wa-aaay outside of our planetary paths, worships, assumptions and our galaxy itself. I'm here to tell you it's 100% 4-year-old madness. A 4-year-old who knows of the world and it's entire going-ons where thy cannot be told any different. Fits of rage, while rare, can beseech thy creature if you decide to be brave enough to tell thee otherwise. It's sometimes a hysterical situation while other times it's very distressing condition. And I'm sure that there is logic to a 4-year-olds thought processes. I'm just sure of it. The only thing is is that I need to find it (and its place of zen). Maybe it's locked within ice cream - this seems to be the cure-all detail. Or M&M's. Maybe I should just spoon feed the kid sugar. . . . ?

Furthermore, you get loads of hugs, kisses and "I love yous" just for being the Mintie [AKA: Auntie]. It comes with complete adoration of an bonkers 4-year-old. I can't say this isn't nice, as it is wonderful. It's also commendable to have the kid want to do dishes and take 90-minutes to wash only 3 bowls and 4 spoons. All I, the Mintie, had to do was make sure she didn't play with knives and lose a finger, toe or hand in the process. It's pretty cool that a 4-year-old sees toys in almost anything on the planet, including chores. I suppose that won't last too long in life. . . .

Finally, all I really have to say is that things get a little bit nutty when there is a 4-year-old-going-on-40 in your home. That's for sure. The kid is the Energizer Bunny on sugar x 102-to-the-tenth-power. I'm so not kidding. Maybe ice cream, M&M's and sugar isn't such a good idea. . . . ? Note to self: must revisit 4-year-old cure-all.

Anyhow, right now, our Longhorn City house consists of:

4-furry legged dogs
2-kitties one lovable and one completely pernicious. . . ahem. . . .just 2-kitties
1-the husband
1-Nana, but only until Friday morning. . . ***the end of the world is near***
unknown amount of toys
6-bouncy balls
1-Indian tepee
unlimited amount of 4-year-old spunk
sidewalk chalk
frozen bag of chicken fries ***mmmm . . . compressed processed meat***
swimming lessons
unlimited amount of crazy-time

One week down and one more to go. Will the husband and I make it until next Friday?


P.S. How cool is it that Uncle Thomas and Mintie got the kid to eat baked Alaskan Salmon for lunch today? And. . . . she LOVED it! 4-year-olds just don't do that! The kid never ceases to amaze. Never.

Oh. One last little tid-bit before I bid you adieu, she also put her head fully underwater for about 10-15 seconds while swimming with her arms this morning at swim lessons. That's pretty darn fabulous if I do say so myself! Swimming lesson number 5 on Monday.


Alli said...

She's definitely a cutie-patootie. Sounds like you have your hands full, but having a lot of fun.

The Duchess said...
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Princess of the Universe said...

Sorry about the deleted comment- that was me!!

She's beautiful!!
I adore my nieces & nephews- it's the thought of having any of my own that terrifies me!

Good luck staying healthy!! said...

Wait till she's 9 going 90!! The pool shots become more about avoiding getting splashed!!!

Ian said...

Ah, that would explain the disappearance off the face of the planet. A 4 year old will wear you out.

Jen said...

Thanks everyone, I'm a bit biased, but yeah, her cuteness factor is way up there!

She's a good kid. We've been having fun going to the zoo, story time at Barnes & Noble, drawing, baking brownies & cookies, shopping at the mall, swimming lessons and all things for the wee small one's on this planet.

. . . lots going on here . . .Leaves me little energy for blogging. I can barely brush my teeth at night these days.

mindy said...

She is adorable. I want some nieces and nephews, dammit.

Welcome back.