Thursday, March 13, 2008

Because I Said So

Note to self:

Do not drink 1016 ml (approximately 48 oz.) of water at 9 o'clock at night.

Right before bedtime.

'Nough said.


Jay said...

Sometimes I dream about having to pee incredibly bad and I can't find any place whit a public restroom and no secluded place in a back alley or behind a tree. Then I wake up and realize that I really have to go! Weird huh?

Jen said...

Jay! That exact same thing happens to me in my dreams ALL THE TIME! OMG! We're having the same dreams!


Ian said...

Did you wet the bed again?

Alli said...


Yeah...probably not the best idea. Nothing like having to tee-tee all night long. ;)

Yah, that's right...I said tee-tee.

Anonymous said...

Good advice.

Also . . . I just noticed that your little picture thingy is a DOG. I guess I've only been glancing all this time (or maybe it's smaller when I see your comments on others' pages) because I have been thinking all along that it was a CAT. Like a Himalayan or something with all the fluff. Hmm. Realizing it's a dog makes me like it a lot more. I love dogs. :)


Rock Chef said...

That amount of water in one go is not good for you at any time, but right before bed?

g-man said...

I do believe that falls under the "Well Duh" category :) My lovely wife says I need to drink more water so I have a glass before bed (not 48 oz though, I'm not a camel ;)

Keep up the hydration sista :)

mindy said...

Also, do NOT feed your dog a big dinner at 9pm. Bad idea, indeed.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I do drink a lot of water (more than 1000 ml!) before bed time so that I wake up in the morning sans the alarm clock :)

R.E.H. said...

I sure hope, for your own sake, that this is so you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to tinkle...

...the other option is a little embarrasing ;)

tt said...

I've done that so many times it's rediculous. Rediculous cuz i can't remember to NOT do it. I'm always thirsty at night..guess I should drink more during the day huh..

Jen said...

Ian: I am a princess. I do not pee in thy bed. hmpf. . . men.

Alli: getting up 5 times throughout the night was inconceivable to me; I like me my sleep! But if I hadn't, Ian's comment would have been 100% truth.

Maybe I should just buy some Depends and I can stay in bed. Though, those will be coming soon enough, I'm sure I don't need to help that along.

Em: That's my baby boy, Chobie. So named, b/c when he was a puppy 8 years ago, he looked like an Ewok from Star Wars. I am a nerd. Self-addmittedly. Chobie's so cute in da face. I lurves him!

I also have plenty more. . .

Rock Chef: I try to drink at least 64 oz (approx. 2000 ml) of water throughout the day; HOWEVER, I got really, really, REALLY thirsty at about 8 PM and couldn't stop drinking my water!

G-Man: D'oh!

Mindy: another bit of sage advice. If I happen to do THAT, I always wake up to poo somewhere in the house . . . . Dog poo, people. Sheesh.

Joel: Are you a camel? I mean, I had to get up FIVE times to pee throughout the night! How the heck do you make it to morning drinking THAT MUCH WATER?!

reh: See response to Alli. It definitely was not due to pee'ing the bed. Now see response to Ian.


tt: I'm really starting to get back into loving water again. I just need to do it during the day too. Nighttime + loads of water + Jen = too much interrupted precious and adored sleep.

For real.

Bethando said...

:) Noted.