Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Mongoose and A Cobra Share a Kitchen

Can someone tell me why my entire right leg is in pain now rather than when I first took myself out on my bike?

I really was fine with no noticeable pain other than the "scrubbing-incident-that-we-shall-never-speak-of-again" that first injured clad night. In fact, I slept like a wee little bay-beeh.

I even awoke with no pain.

Then, yesterday went on. By nighttime I could not sleep with all that party pain going on. The misery was not just from the ground hamburger meat that was once my cute and very likable knee. It now gave birth at my ankle, continued up my shin through my knee and into my hip.

Today was even worse. To add fuel to the fire, my knee is now stiff. It's like it has decided it is not a joint. It can't bend. That's just stoopid.

In all it's glorious stoopidity, can someone please tell me how that works? Shouldn't one start out with massive pain and have it gradually abdicate to the furthest corners of hell with a wave and a kiss goodbye instead of progressively and continually gaining exhaustive agony in one great big hug of love spitting hatred? How. is. this. fair?

Ibuprofen is my very best friend.

***yeah. I'm delirious from studying the brain right out of my head. It's draining right out my left ear and making a puddle at my feet as I type. I'm not even wearing stilettos. And,no,I'm NOTthatdramatic.

? ? ?

. . . . okay, maybe sometimes.


Jay said...

It's not my style to say I told you so, but I told ya the knee was gonna get stiff. LOL

I don't know why the delayed reaction, but it happens all the time. Maybe you're favoring it too much or it's turned colder? Or maybe that's just the way things work?

Yeah, I'm useless. ;-)

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like you have bruising and swelling coming up that is pinching nerves. Not nice. Ibuprofen IS your friend!

tt said...

It's like being in a car wreck. It's usually days later when the real soreness really sets in. I 've heard that by the 3rd day most of the soreness that's gonna be there will have arrived. It takes the body a few days to really start coping from the shock of the injury. That's not too nice now is it? Of coursethe fabulous Ms. Alli may have a more scientific explanation..cuz she is the 'BOMB' afterall...:) but that's my 5 cents worth.
You crack me up with all your descriptions! Maybe a glass of wine with those Ibuprofen tonight after class?? That's what I'd do.
Great combo/cocktail there.
Sorry it's hurting so much. Really! Can I send you some chocolate?

Ian said...

Your body's various cells and fibers have spent the last two days high fiving each other and going "Dude! Did you see that? That was awesome" and "Ho-hooo! Look at all the blood. Bro, that is groooosss!". Now it's all calmed down they've noticed that something's wonky and bending in a way it shouldn't.

I oughta have been a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks. I'm sorry.

But you do make me laugh.


g-man said...

It is your body's way of saying "Don't do that crap again! And I mean it."

Bummer on the pain front. I will be feeling your pain soon enough when my class starts on the 27th.

I was thinking of you yesterday when I was looking at my lovely wife's new bike and 1 inch wide tires.

mindy said...

Ibuprofen? Sister, you're married to a DOCTOR! Get him to prescribe you something a little more enjoyable!!!

R.E.H. said...

No, I can't tell you why it hurts more today... I can only assume it has to do with the swelling or something... and that maybe that first day it's just basically numb - so you don't really feel the pain.

Hope it feels better tomorrow though!

Jen said...

OMG. I just typed in very clever and funny answers to all ya'lls comments.
Blogger ate them. They're now gone. I'm pissed. So, I'm taking my toys and going home.


Alli said...

Blogger is being retarded tonight!!!

Gotta love inflammation. Sometimes it likes to take it's sweet little @ss time. Know what a cytokine is??? ;)

Acutally, ibuprofen is a great choice for your pain.

So your leg & your brain hurt, eh?

Feel better!!!

Bethando said...