Sunday, March 9, 2008

Because That's How I Roll

Weekend Round-up:
  • Found out that my right lower leg grew to be the size of elephantitis that was accompanied by some nice pretty red itchy splotches and a rash that grew down to my ankle with some hot-pain not because of taking myself out on my very own bike where I then reduced my knee to chopped beef-steak. No, this was not due to that. It was due to the allergic reaction I had to the tape that held on my bandages.
  • I am now using hospital tape that pulls my skin off every single day when I change my bandaging. It feels really swell, but at least I avoided antibiotics, allergic reactions and infection. Thankyouverymuch.
  • 5-hours into doing the husbands and my taxes I had a Chernobyl size melt-down. It dawned on me at midnight that we pay someone quarterly to do this and why am I feeling like I should be wearing the dunce cap in the front corner of the classroom because someone thought I should be doing their CPA jobbie-job? For the love of all that is good on this planet, I forewent the nasty gram e-mail at that moment in space and time, which would have included too many "Chuck You's" for my own Amazonian good.
***Instead, I am now sending away all forms, "organizer" as you so call it as well as all currently added deductions for a paid someone to scramble. Do not send me an e-mail 8-days prior to taxes being due when you have never sent me a previous due date. If you want something done by a certain date, please send one to me at the original time of request. A "please complete all data as much as possible to avoid a delay in filing" is not a due date. Nor is ". . . to be completed and returned to my office as soon as possible. . . " Fact #1 and Fact #1.5.

***Oh and yeah. . . . do not ask me to prepare a company tax preparation sheet that is 30-pages long. I am the last person you should ask what a "Schedule K-1: Partnerships, Estates and Trusts, S Corporation" is as well as to define it in monetary terms? Because I will inform you that I am in a partnership with the husband, neither of us own an estate in the country and I do trust him explicitly. CPA'ing was definitely not my calling or my current or past form of employment. If it was, I absolutely and categorically would not pay you to do it for us. Fact #2.

***I'm just sayin'. Fact #3.
  • Apparently, I am still on my mini north Ukraine city melt-down over our company taxes. This from not even knowing the amount we will be charged by our gracious and loving Internal Revenue System. Wait until that happens.
  • Our Boykin Spaniel, Dixie takes after moi in not being a morning person. The dog refuses to get out of her bed to go outside for the "biznazz" if it is any earlier than 9 AM. This is our our 1-year and 10-month old puppy. Today, the husband called her out the door at 7:30. He even pulled on her collar. She acted as if her cute little canine legs did not work. When he physically pulled her off her bed, she turned right back around and laid back down. It must be exhausting to be a dog. I started giggling. Finally, in fits of snickering himself, he picked her up and placed her outside. She sat down and stared at us through the door. Doggie torture.
  • She still tries to lick my wounded knee.
  • Catching up with old friends is good for the soul. Spending the day with them while foregoing precious study time is worth more than its weight in gold. Or is it platinum these days?
  • Earned an extra $185.00, BECAUSE THE HUSBAND WON FIRST PLACE in a field of 75 bicycle racers from the Men's Cat 4/5 road race of 45-miles! Ask me just how proud of the husband I am. Yes, you read that right. . . . he raced and won a 45-mile bike competition. He's kick-assth.
  • I can also make some pretty kick-assth energy pancakes from scratch. Not first place, but not bad either. No sugar added or fat added. Bou-yah.
That is all. I am still not cute or comfy and am tremendously behind in my studies. I am pretty sure of that.



Alli said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

I am sooo sorry you got an allergic reaction to the tape. That's crazy. Is your leg doing better?

Seeing good friends is good for the soul! I did some of that this weekend, too.

Mmm. I want to try those energy pancakes!

Jay said...

Allergic reaction to the tape? That's weird!

I think pretty much the last thing I would want to do is be a CPA. I'm not a detail oriented person and I barely survived the required accounting classes I took in college.

Energy pancakes? I think my sister made some of those once. Or something like them. Pretty yummy for something that's good for ya. ;-)

Bethando said...

Ummm... yeah. I would be boiling point pissed if someone I PAID to do my taxes did that to me. Melt down, schmelt down. Get that "beeatch" on the phone and tell him/her if they don't get it right PRONTO they're going to be your "beeatch". The very minimum should be you sitting in his/her office answering questions while they f*&cking type that shit in. "Tax" is a language all it's own, and common day Americans cannot be expected to speak it. Hat's off if you do, but it's no thing if you don't.

I'm cabbage patching for your husband and I think your puppy should hook up with our Mastiff, Max. They can sleep in together, but no funny business.

Hope your knee feels better soon, Jen.

Rock Chef said...

Ooh, tax forms. If ever there was proof that Satan is alive and well...

So, this spaniel. What sort is it? Must be a King Charles to act like that!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I had my weekend and not your's.

Hope your gettin' around better today!

Freakazojd said...

LOL at Fact #3!
Those pancakes sound amazing...I'll trade you a sweet potato soup recipe for your pancake recipe! :)

Ian said...

Hey, what happened to my comment? Am I being censored again? It was really funny too.

I think.

Anonymous said...

For 45 miles he sure should have gotten more than $185!! But that is still cool. Taxes suck. I get my dad to do them for me (for free). And, this is the first year I don't owe anything! Of course, I'm getting hardly any money back on my return because I inadvertently claimed two dependents on my W-2. Oops. Oh well. Hope the whole leg starts to get better soon!


g-man said...

I could have sworn I commented ...

My lovely wife has a similar thing with tape .. Bummer on your leg hon.

Congratulations to your husband!! I just got my bike set up yesterday. My ass hurts today.

Fi said...

Delayed catch up with being away last week. Sorry about your knee hope it's starting to improve?
How goes the studying is your brain melting with all that new information type stuff?

tt said...

ummm, do those 'energy' pancakes come with syrup?? just curious ;)
sorry about the, go ahead and let the dog lick it..couldn't hurt right??? maybe if you'd go play in the mud for a while it would get beter quicker..maybe..just a thought.
Visiting with good friends is very high on the important things to do list. Life is too short to 'not' visit....and sip some wine and eat chocolate and let your mind wander...**wandering here****bye

Tink said...

Re: Your comment on my blog.

Was there a body attached to that head?!

Jen said...

Alli: Yeah, it's crazy, but you may remember my skin is super sensitive to, like, EVERYTHING. Goish.

I am still getting over the rash.

Jay: I have skin that is never satisfied with anything. I never know what I'm going to get if I dare try a new product.

The energy pancakes are delish! No syrup needed.

Bethando: I WAS p*ssed. Royaly. I sent it unfinished in the mail yesterday.

Rock Chef: You have a good point there. Tax man = Satan.

Dixie is a Boykin Spaniel. she's too cute for her own britches! We love her! I said she SHOULD be a King Charles. . . "king" being the key - word!

Butterfly Girl: at the risk of too much information, my knee finally scabbed over yesterday (Wed.) when I left it uncovered for over 24 hours. It dripped down my leg and got on my pants a lot, but it's finally not weeping anymore.

My week is going way better than this past weekend. Thanks!

Freakazojd: You have a DEAL!

Ian: I dunno? But it would have been funnier than your post here, I'm sure. I've been encountering the same thing with blogger lately.

Em: I know! But I'll take the $185 - it is only ametuer bike racing. . . . He did fantastic! I'm still really proud!

G-Man: you'll learn to love the pain. Or go buy some Butt'r. It definitely is a butt savior. Keep us posted on your bikings!

Fi: the knee is coming around slowly but surely. Stoopid lady walking path hogger.

School is great! I have at least 2 tests a week and loads of homework, it keeps me from this here computer! Which is probably not a bad thing . . .

I'll update more later.

tt: No syrup necessary! These pancakes rawk!

Mud does seem to make everything better!

I love wine and friends! Good combo!

Tink: see my response to you on your blog. . .

Dre the Texican said...

I too am tremendously behind on studying. Ugh! What are you studying? Dre

Freakazojd said...

Dood, I just checked this now...haven't been on much until last night to post, and tonight I'm making the rounds. I'll check for your e-mail on here and if you've got one I'll send the recipe in the next day or two so we can swap. If you haven't got one posted let me know where to send it to. :)