Saturday, March 15, 2008

Possibly, I Could Hurt Myself More

I just stepped outside to let the dogs in from the backyard. Let me first start by saying it is a gorgeous day here in the husband's and my Longhorn City. One of the few fantastic that we will have until it's so bleeding hot that just breathing the air burns your nose hairs off. I'm hearting it.

Now I have to add, that I tripped over my own feet as I stepped outside my back door. ***Yes, I did. If there had not been a wall directly to my left, I would have tumbled into a piling heap o' Jen deposited onto the ground wondering "what the hell just happened"? As it was, I hit a wall and completely stopped falling, but still wondering "what the hell just happened?" I hit it so hard it shook our house.

And my brain.

I'm good like that.

***And, yes, I was in stilettos. Shoish up about that. I won't hear it.


tt said...

Hey there 'Klutz'!! Nice to meet ya...I'm 'complete and total spaz'.
Nie to know we're not alone right? i think I can actually hear my grape makin' juice whenever I do that....does yours? ;)

Alli said...

Jen, if you, TT, & ETK ever end up in the same room together, I'm evacuating. Could be dangerous! LOL!

Guurrllll, you & your stilettos. Do you have stiletto slippers yet? ;)

How do your footsies handle being in stilettos so much? My feet are already starting to hate me & I never wear stilettos (heals, yes, but thick-not-so-high-heals)


I need to figure out a time to come visit!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't make a fresh tear on your knee!! Haha. Love it.


Jay said...

We might need to wrap you in bubble wrap for a while just to protect you. ;-)

Jen said...

tt: who knew I'd grow up to be so nongraceful? I mean, I am the type of gal who walks out thinking "I must look smashing - everybody's staring. . . " Only to find out toilet paper is stuck to my shoe, or my zipper is unzipped or I've button my shirt wrong. Then I fall over.

alli: They MAKE stiletto slippers? ! Ohhhhhhh. . . I want me some of those!

And besides, if you leave the 3 of us to ourselves, what medical professional would take care of us? You can't leave.

I used to wear heels and stilettos all the time. I wear them to go out of the house now & yeah, it's getting rougher on the old feets. I don't wear them for too long anymore. Still heart them though!

Em: It's always something isn't it? Goish. Luckily, my knee went further unscathed due to the fact it's on the right side of my body.

I took the band-aids off on Wednesday and it took to Saturday to form a scab. In asking the husband "why" he just said, "b/c it was a deep cut." I really didn't know it was THAT deep. . . .

Thanks for asking. I'm sure you're super happy you asked now, eh?

Jay: I'm doing that! For real! And when I get bored, I can throw myself on the ground and roll around!

Ian said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Maybe dry drinking more, if it doesn't correct your natural imbalance, at least it won't hurt as much when you fall.

Jen said...

Ian: Dry drinking? What exactly is DRY drinking?

Wait . . . . Are YOU drinking?

We all should be drinking, 'cept Nikki, 'cos St. Patrick's Day is upon us!

Teedle de teedle d'oh!

Bethando said...

Yeah for St. Patrick's day. Do you have green Stiletto's :) ?

Steph said...

As someone who trips over her own feet regularly, I salute you. At least you didn't end up with your arse in the air and your knickers on display for the world to see.

Rock Chef said...

Will someone PLEASE go and steal this woman's shoes before she kills herself?

Tink said...

You and I should have a contest to see who can inadvertently hurt themselves the most. Did I ever tell you how I sliced my leg open on the CD tray of my computer? Seriously, figure that one out.

Tink said...
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R.E.H. said...

You gotta be careful, Jen. Sounds a little to me that you're accident prone - not the first time you hurt yourself from what I've been reading.

You look good in those stiletto's I bet, but be careful walking in them, ok? ;)

ETK said...

I was just about to comment on how clumsy I am too - I run into just about every wall/corner/door I pass. Seriously. But then, THEN, I read Alli's comment. Rude. :) Kidding - it's just so true! :)

Fi said...

I wish you could post photos on comments, we could so have a bruise/worst scar competition!! One of my best was after slipping at a shopping centre (mall for all you US folks). My hubster was so impressed he took photos of my bruises!!

Jen, sweetie, be safe in the knowledge that you are not the only klutz in this world and if my gorgeous boy is to be believed (and I have to believe him)it just makes us all the more loveable and endearing.

Freakazojd said...

Well, if you're going to tip over, you may as well do it in style. Salute, oh lady of the high shoes. May your gait be ever steadier. Haha!

Jen said...

bethando: Slainte Mhath!

steph: I'm honored you took time to visit my leetol blog here!

I have to admit (sheepishly or stoopidly) that I have unfortunately landed with my "arse in the air and your knickers on display for the world to see." It's been done before and I'm sure it'll be done again.

rock chef: it's an addiction. I've got them hidden throughout the house - you'll never get 'em all. Never. I can't let you. . . . I have a problem, don't I?

tink: Now I've heard of yours & it'll happen to me. I'm not kidding. I hear this stuff that happens to others and THEN I LIVE it too.

Contest? Did I hear "contest"? You're on, girlfriend!

r.e.h.: Huh? Accident prone? Me?

Don't say it.

etk: Us birds of a feather stick together, even if we DO need medical help now and then.

fi: I've got a picture of a bruise that was on my thigh, which was the size of my face somewhere in my house! I may or may not have been a bit tipsy on a past Halloween night and may or may not have fallen into a window well that was 5-feet deep. Yeah. . . .good times!

My husband laughs and shakes his head at me. I'm going to interpret those as "lovable and endearing" from this day forward. Alex is a good man with sage advice.

freakazojd: Right?! You totally get me.