Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stepping In That Thing We Call Love

Words that every woman wants to hear sincerely uttered from their lover, partner, sweetheart, beloved and/or true love:

"You look beautiful today."

Especially, when they murmur it unexpectedly on the day you have chosen not to wear a single drop of makeup.


Jay said...

Awwwww ;-)

I'm sure you did too!

ETK said...

What a great husband you have!

AmyTree said...

Oh, how sweet!! (I get that too... aren't we lucky!)

Tink said...

Yeah, yeah. Your husband is awesome and you're gorgeous without make-up. I already knew that though. ;)

What I want to know is why your friend's wife gave you a dirty look. You never asked him? That would have drove me nuts! LOL.

R.E.H. said...

From what I've seen - you always look beautiful. ;)

Jen said...

Jay: I dunno if I was, but he sure made me feel like it.

etk: thank you. He'll appreciate that & though I may be a teensy-tiny bit biased. . . I think so too.

amytree: It IS a lucky thing we have in & of our spouses!

tink: look who's talking! Soon you'll know what it's like to have a fabulous "husband" too; even though right now he's a fab fiance. And, with or without photoshop as well as with or without makeup YOU'RE gorgeous!

So there.

It was their wedding. I never said a word to anyone but my mom.

r.e.h.: thank you! that's very sweet!

Alli said...

Yah, makes me melt when I hear it. I especially love it on days where I feel not-so-lovely (which seems to be increasing these

Hubbys can be good like that. :)

tt said...

That's a great guy you got there. Maybe he might need you to practice some 'massage therapy' on him?? Maybe?? Just a thought?? **snicker-snicker**

Rock Chef said...

Makeup is over rated. More women should go without it more often, IMO.

Jen said...

tt: you're funny! I have been practicing on the husband; he's been my only model outside of class. I put him right to sleep these days!

rock chef: I'm wearing less and less these days. I don't have the time to mess with it or I'm just too lazy - either way, I hardly put it on anymore. It's great that you men think makeup is over rated.

Morgan said...

Oh, SO true. Lucky girl!