Saturday, July 21, 2007

12 Publisher Rejections

Friday night, July 20th, 2007: moi dramatically searching for receipt for reserved copy of soon to be released book number 7. Search ends in exhaustion and receipt, distressingly, is not detected in this Longhorn city home of ours. Sad night resulting in one Michelob Ultra consumed.

Saturday morning, July 21, 2007 finding myself at the bookstore after calling to find they kept records and have my Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows copy all the while observing the over flowing garbage cans outside the front doors [must've been some party], copies of book 7 strategically placed in displays at each entrance [why was I worried] and approximately 80 people in the place of all things bookly [party still rolling]. One lady, while I was standing in the checkout line, asked me where to find a copy of the new Harry Potter. I was considerate and all, but slightly wondered if she had gone completely mad or blind. How does one miss the enormous yellow Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows displays at each entrance?

Anyway. . .

moi: did you work last night?
checkout gal: no.
moi: do you know if it was crazy?
checkout gal: well, it wasn't. . . . welllll, it was about as crazy as it's gonna be with 600 people in the store at the same time.
moi: 600 people?! *this must amaze even God*
checkout gal: yeah. . . *very tired*
moi: hopefully it doesn't get that nuts for you today. Thanks so much and have a good one! *turning to leave*
checkout gal: hey! Do you want a Harry Potter poster?
moi: Yeahhhhhh!!!! *eyes widen in awe - as if I just met Lance Armstrong himself*

I haven't turned a page yet. I still have to get through books 2 on up. So, ye-aaaaah, I'm a late bloomer. I know. I know. Say what you will. . . I just only read Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. Where I fell into the Harry Potter abyss and smacked my noggin' straight in the middle of J.K. Rowling's family room. I haven't been able to come out of this coma I now find myself in. I want to be her. Or Harry or Hermione or Ron or Hagrid or Dumbledore. . . . I don't care, just to be one of them! If even vicariously. But that's how I roll.

My book buying resulted in happiness, a sweaty workout and 2 Rahr Beers consumed at the brewery tour. [Totally recommend The Ugly Pug, by the way.] Okay, only 1-1/2 beers consumed, as being the designated driver is great power with great responsibility. Or with great responsibility comes great power. Or. . . . Whatever. You catch my drift.

Finally, just so you know, I'm not totally out of the loop, I have seen each of the movies. More than once.

And there you have it, my little bit of geeky goodness.


Alli said...

i haven't even read ONE of those books, but want to.

ack, need my bed.... too much wine. :)

Jen said...

So far, book 2 is just as good. And as books tend to go, I understand things a bit more now than I did while watching the movies.

On a side note: I've seen some other posts out there about HP. Most are positive, but some are ridiculously negative. Why the hate people?

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

Well, I for one can't get all excited about it, and seeing people queuing up for hours (in fancy dress for fox ache) so they can be among the first to read any book just seems ridiculous. At this point, I have to admit I haven't read any of the books so I can't comment but I watched the first film and thought it was extremely poor - probably entertaining enough for kids but little to keep anyone over 12 interested. On the other hand, the sweaty workout and good beer sounds much like my sort of thing. I'll have to do the brewery tour next time I'm in Fort Worth.

mindy said...

My book arrived in my mailbox Saturday courtesy of Sadly, I have too much homework to start it for the next 2 weeks. :-(

Princess of the Universe said...

It's a great book! I just finished it. :)
There advantage you have though, is that you don't have to wait for years in between books to find out what happens. You can read them all!

Jen said...

So, I've finished book 2 and now onto book 3. I'm feeling a bit lazy here . . . .

Mindy: it seems we'll be reading book 7 at the same time! What graduate class has now got you with 2 weeks worth of homework? Blehck.

Princess of the Universe: Nice to meet a fellow princess! I heart that! You have a great point in that I do not have to wait like the rest of the muggles did. I hadn't actually realized how many years had flown past since the first book & even the movie. . . feeling old here. Feeling old.

Ian said...

I haven't read any of them, but I will, one day. Nikki and I keep meaning to join the library, since we spend a fortune on books and read them once before selling them for pennies, so I think I'll borrow them rather than buy them

Jen said...

You know, Ian, that's a great idea! Maybe we should start a NetBooks (tm) club? 'cos that's the only problem I have with libraries and the reason I haven't joined - is that you have to have the book back within a certain amount of time or you get fined. Books are meant to be enjoyed and loved at your leisure, well, I think anyway.

What do you think?

Jay said...

I was kinda late to the HP party too. I didn't start until book 4 came out. I read 1 thru 4 one after the other in short time. I got #7 in the mail on Saturday and finished it this morning.

Have fun going through all of them. Do your best to avoid spoilers!

Ian said...

Well, yeah, they are meant to be read slowly, but I guess that's why you shouldn't take out more than you can handle in two weeks or whatever. Plus, some library systems let you extend loans online now.