Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shake and Bake Part II! "Is That a Catchphrase Or Epilepsy?"

Texas skies are sunny with a high around 92-degrees.

The husband is taking moi, against all advice and better judgment, on another bike ride today. Any takers on whether or not the she-devil will appear again? Or whether or not I'll burn off whatever I may have left of my nose hairs and eyebrows?

May God have mercy on his soul. . . . or mine. I don't know yet.


Ian said...

92 is nothing, you'll be fine.

Word verification: scyybut - Your posterior's alignment when you pass out from the heat and go over your handlebars.

Alli said...

You are a good wife!!!

Hope you survived ok. ;)

I melted after my run today...although I could use a little more melting. :)

Jay said...

Just don't smile or you'll get bugs in your teeth. ;-)

Jen said...

*head hung in shame. FOR SHAME, GIRL!*

Yeah. Um. About that bike ride. . .

It didn't happen. But I have's a good excuse.

Continue reading below:

The husband and I canceled a trip for this upcoming October. This trip cost us A LOT of money. Due to circumstances of this past January trip & his work schedule, but mostly the Jan. trip, we decided not to go on this upcoming "paid-for-with-a-load-of-our-money" trip. Our money. A LOT of our money. That we ALREADY paid for. Of which was refused the refund. Basically.

I'm sorry? ? ? WHAT???!

Suffice it to say I spent over 5-hours today on the phone as well as emailing to get our money back. I was successful in the end except for $300.00 of it. Which I will fight for tooth and nail tomorrow (ONCE AGAIN). It's the principle of the whole thing people. Being charged for something that we shouldn't be charged for all so that she can receive money that is NOT owed to her. Money that needs returning to its rightful owner. Who, by the way, is US!

The nerve of some people. Evil business owners who try to screw you out of your own money. Seriously, at one point the husband took the phone from me at mid-sentence and said, "this is how it's going to go down. You are going to pay us back the $xx,xxx.xx money owed to us. . . ." And my personal favorite, later in the conversation, "do you even have the money to pay us. . . "

The battle begins again tomorrow. . .

A couple of Newcastle's has helped. And some pizza. But still, I'm p*ssed.

And it made me miss my workout.


Alli said...


Glad you 2 are sticking to your guns!!!

Good luck today!

mindy said...

While you're doing that I think I'll be eating a giant pizza. Mmmmm....