Monday, July 30, 2007

Pretend Like It Never Happened

Here's what I know.

It was Sunday night. The husband and I shared 2 bottles of red wine, which in looking back, is no good. On empty stomach's nonetheless was really no good. 2 bottles of red wine; however, consumed with a drink of Godiva liqueur as well as "sit-on-my-face" drinks was really, really no good. The husband did a shot of Drambuie, looked at me while I looked horrifyingly at him and announced, "I don't know why I just did that." Which in turn turned out to be really, really, really no good. Amaretto turned up sometime in there too. Amaretto was a bit sneaky, just like tequila normally is and this was really, really, really, really no good.

It is safe to say that we were pretty hammered. We had to use our wall in the hall to stay in the upright position to get into our room. Somehow, I managed to wash my face, but forgot to brush my teeth. That was definitely no good. I even tried to read my HP & the Goblet of Fire. I think I read the same paragraph 20 to 30 times before I gave up. This, clearly, was no good too.

We paid a nice visit to IHOP at 11:45 AM today. Grease, nausea and salt. Yummy.

Guess who is now going back into the horizontal position to try and balance out their electrolytes?


Ian said...

Okay, yeah, you definitely need to get back to work. Getting that hammered on a Sunday. Shocking. Get that hammered on a Saturday, like a normal person

Jen said...

Clearly, the only reason for me to get back to work is for me to not get shnockered on a Sunday. Duh.

Jay said...

I thought that's what Sundays were invented for. Getting bombed. Always works for me. LOL

Princess of the Universe said...

I'd be too scared to attempt last drunken adventure was on a Saturday night, and I was still hung over on Tuesday. Ugh.

That many assorted shots in 10 minutes...really REALLY no good.

Alli said...

How many axes did you have in the back of your head yesterday??? ;)

Ah, those nights of lots o' wine with the hubby are fun...but the next day is bru-tal!

Any decisions on the jobby-job?

mindy said...

Hahaha. Sounds like my Friday night. Glad I'm not alone. I hope you at least scored! :)

Jen said...

Jay: Absolutely! I'm with you.

PrincessOTUniv.: In my golden years my hangovers last four to five days. Brutal. Yes, mixture of shots in any order in any amount of time is really, REALLY no good.

Alli:: 3 axes. So did the husband. He spent 4+ hours in bed during the day. I finished reading HP and the Goblet of Fire (on to book 5). So, I was a little productive. Then again he rode his bike for 90 minutes upon waking. . . . Very. Lazy. Day.

Will post on the jobbie-job later. . . thanks for asking.

Mindy: So, you's and me's were like one yesterday only we missed a day (okay 2 days) in between. Hahahahaha! A lady never tells. Right? Right. But. . . I'm not saying no! Heehee