Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There's My Little Enchilada

So, I realize I've been ignoring this here blog for the last 2 weeks or so. I haven't found any wittiness on my part for quite sometime. Perhaps nothing funny has actually been done or said to me, which I find very hard to believe. Or maybe this blog is getting on my nerves. Are we losing one another? Blog relationships are tender and must be lavished with love, happiness and held ever so gently. I have done neither for quite some time.

I don't know what's going on here and frankly it does bother me.

Have I lost touch with the great blog-o-sphere? And why? Am I bored? I always know when one of my dogs, um. . . . so as not to incriminate her supreme damn cuteness. . . . um. . . . them. . . . , let's just say the name rhymes with "pixie". . . . is bored. She brings me a sock. No, she doesn't chew it, she'll just walk around the house with her most prized possession until one of us notices and takes it from her. It's usually the husbands, because for some odd reason his socks don't seem to make it to the dirty clothes hamper. It's another of his unexplained phenomenons, which I can't go into right now, but the husband also cannot deny this fact. Although he might try, it's the truth and nothing but the truth. I would never make up stories about him to get a laugh on my blog. Never. Anyway, when we take the sock from her she gets pretty melancholy. It's damn cute. One just can't resist the cuteness powers of Dixie. You have to play with her.

Unfortunately, I don't have such a behavior. Especially one that can so easily be remedied as a throwing a ball in a game of fetch. I mean, at least I haven't found myself walking around the house with the husbands dirty sock in my mouth. So, I can't say for sure that it's sheer boredom keeping me from blogging to my 7 readers. But it's not to say that I'm not keeping up with my 7 readers' blogs and I must mention here that theirs have all been good as of late. So, why can't I blog lately? This mystery is even astounding to me.

I got to thinking. . . .

Here's what I consider what might be the situation up in my hizizile.

A few weeks back I was asked through the husband for my resume. So, I spent a week putting that together. I spent another couple of days trying to do some recognisance detail on this here company who asked for my resume. If I was going to send someone my detailed work history, I'd best be armed. For example, where is it - what is it - why is it - who is it - how is it? You know, all the important stuff. Plus, I needed to know what position I was applying for. Sometimes beggars need to be choosy. I wouldn't do very well on a street corner or dancing with poles. I'd like to use me brains and me edumication too. So, with some information, albeit small information, I was armed to write a cover letter, which took another few days. And sent it on to the person who originally asked the husband for it.

Not really thinking that anything could come of it, I went on with my life by continuing not to blog. But I received a phone call that same day asking me to come in for an interview. Now, let me explain my work history as of late. Officially, for the last year, I've been known as the housewife. That's it. I have no clock, no boss (no, the husband doesn't count as I am the alpha here - Amazonian Princess, people. Duh!), no deadlines (okay, maybe the paying of the bills), no assignments, no reporting to duty on time, no nuttin'. And, no, it is not as quaint as it sounds. People have often looked at me with jealousy, but also with disdain. I have received a lot of, "I would love to be you and not have to work!" As well as, "so, you don't do anything?" accompanied by a look of disdain as if I just caught the Ebola virus and fully plan to pass it on to said perpetrator by planting a full on kiss right on their mouth. People have even suggested that I give birth to children in order to give me something to do. Seriously? I should have children so that I am not bored? What a fantastic idea. Why didn't I think of that? Bring the kid on, I need amusement here in our Longhorn city!

All this to say, it is a catch .22. It is boring not being productive, contributing, dealing with only things that have to do with all-things-housely or getting out of the house and doing something for society. (Volunteer work doesn't cut it either - that's a whole other can o' worms that I'm not opening right now.) It also is hard to give up some acquired freedom. You know, the whole by-product of not working. Freedom has its perks. One such benefit revolves around the morning. I'm not - nor have I ever been - a morning person. It's nice not having to wake up to an alarm clock at 5:30 AM; okay, so maybe it's 6:30 AM - whatever, it's the morning and all the same to moi. It is nice being with my dogs all day - but even they cause me crazy-time too. It's so freaking hot in this Longhorn city of ours that staying outside all day is not awesomely feasible. A person would melt trying to do so - just as soon as they burnt their nose hairs off as well as all remaining bodily hair. I don't have a beach where I can spend my days slurping dirty martini's while swimming lazily in the ocean. *I wish* It is also nice to know one can jump on an airplane for a bit of reprieve; a vacation, if you will, without having permission to actually be able to go on vacation. Another perk of freedom.

***To bring some of my newly acquired 7 listeners up to date on the work history of moi, before this past year I worked very part-time in our old apartment complex, which in turn covered our rent each month. It was a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Anyway, if you want to be totally bored you can just read here to find out the rest of my Greek tragedy. . . . er. . . . history. It's uninteresting. I'll leave that up to you. But you can't say you weren't warned.

Now, since I believe I have fairly given you notice, let's get back to the subject at hand. Moi! And my non-blogging status. Yes, I went to the interview, which resulted in a 2nd interview, which resulted in a job offer. It is a job I can do and would most likely enjoy doing. I liked the people I interviewed with and I like the company's philosophies. I'm pretty sure I'd like the job if even to just get back into the work world once again. Upon my hesitation at the job offer, more money was offered. Who doesn't like money? But this isn't the point. This is.

I sit here now realizing that some of my lack of sleep (take last night, for example, I have a total of 4.5 hours of blissful nothingness under my belt) and lack of blogging are to be blamed for this job thing. I know most people do it and I myself never thought I would not work (it just kinda happened), but I have to say I am a bit apprehensive about the whole situation. Back to the daily grind, schedules, appointments, research and alarm clocks. Hello to new friends, new brain power, new money, new clothes (of course!) and new endeavors. Goodbye lazy mornings, lazy daytime gym workouts when no one hogs the machines, lazy pajama wearing (all day - good sirs - I. do. not.), lazy freedom, lazy blogging and lazy walks with the pups. And yet, there is something to be said for making your own paycheck and using your own brain as well as doing something for myself for a change. Something that is just mine. Something of worth. I'm not really skilled in the art of nothingness. After a year at home, I know this much about me.

Finally, I've made a ton of pro and con lists. I don't think I have anymore. I've talked, debated, bullied (okay, not really), conversed, bantered, rapped and tete-a-tete'd with the husband over this entire situation. He, obviously, wants me to work, but more importantly, he wants moi to be happy. He even started helping out more around the house just to prove that the house will not collapse or implode upon my absence from it. But regardless and on top of that, I have to make the decision to work or not to work by next Monday by either accepting or not accepting the position? I am at some losses here. I need some sage advice.

Shall we take a poll?


Princess of the Universe said...

1. This is the second blog that I've read today that mentions how the author just isn't into it anymore. Weird.

2. It's probably natural to feel some apprehension after having so much time off. Why don't you just give it a try for a while? If it doesn't work out, there's nothing saying that you have to stay forever...

Good luck!

Ian said...

Get to work! And keep blogging! They have internets in offices now, so I'm lead to believe.

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

Yeah, just what the one-'I'd one (now, I really have no idea how to punctuate that properly) said, except with led spelt correctly.

Ian said...


mindy said...

I agree with Princess. But I don't think it should interfere with the blog, lady. Keep that in mind. Don't. let. it. interfere. with. blogging.

That's an order. Or something.

Jen said...

Well, I now have the offer in my hand. As mentioned in the blog, I have until Monday to decide.

Thank you for all the sage advice.

Shanski: I'm sorta confused, but that is not a hard thing to do to me & I think you said, "get your a** to work with lead spelled as led!" . . . .Never mind, 20 minutes and 3 vodka shots later I now understand. You're talking about Ian vs. Ia"i"n. Got it. Don't hate me cuz I match my hair color. . . .

Ian: I'm glad you said what you said. You know that (if I take the jobbie-job) it means I'll be bugging you SO much more than now. Just remember the past and my work days at LSR. BIG hint here - must bug Ian about all things workly. You know IM'ing my boss with Monty Python quotes. . .

PrincessOTU: This is very true. I just hadn't looked at it that way. It's not as if it will be difficult to get out if I have to do so. I hope they aren't actually chaining me to the desk to die a slow and painful death. I'm just a anti-commitment-phobe (is that right? does that even make sense? is that even a word?)

Mindy: It'd be easier if someone just paid me all day to blog! Don't you think? Then I could stay in my pj's all day long singing songs, drinking vodka, blogging. You know all the normal things outofwork individuals do. Oh wait, no they drink oversized coffee's and eat giant KitKats for breakfast. . . . right Ian?

And in case anyone cares, the husband agrees with all of you. He even mentioned, "I don't know who this Princess [Of the Universe] is but she's absolutely correct. You can leave if it doesn't work out."

All the freedom I currently own is giving me a hard, hard time about giving it up.

My head is going to blow up. Or I'm going to develop a rash. I. Don't. Like. Stress.

Ian said...

Yes. 21 cups of coffee and a huge amount of sugary British chocolate is a good way to test if your heart can stand up to going at 200bpm. Which is exactly the sort of scientific experiment you should conduct whilst bored and out of work. So in conclusion, get yourself to work.

And yes, Mr. Shanks was being pedantic. Again. Now watch, while I make his head explode:

Pedants eh? Thank goodness there out their, doing they're duty.

Nikki said...

sometimes I wonder if my husband actually does any work the rate he write blogs. So yes go back to work...I shall be looking out for you on messenger!!!

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

*** BOOM! ***

Ian said...

Tea breaks, dear, tea breaks. And lunch hours.

Jen said...

I'm blogging under my trainer (AKA: "SM") who read my blog sometime in the last day or 2 and very casually said to me [tonight] right before my workout, "lazy days of working out in the gym, huh?"


Currently, I'm wondering why I'm in so much asstacular pain right now? ? ?

NOTE TO SELF: never mention lazy gym workouts on cyber-space. Never.

Ian said...

Now, that, was a tactical mistake.

Alli said...

Go with your gut feelings! :)

I agree, it wouldn't hurt to try may like it.

I'm looking forward to working again....