Monday, July 16, 2007

Imagine That

You want to know what is gross?

This is gross:

I keep finding them under things in my garden(s). At first I was a leetol bit freaked out. I mean, they're slimy and have a flat head. So, I thought "worm." But then the thing moved. And moved fast. Like a snake. So, I thought, "snake." And as snakes go in Texas, I thought, "holy crap! What if it is poisonous?" Plus, it has stripes and a weird flat head. So, I thought, "poisonous snake." And didn't touch it. But then I dropped a flagstone [by accident - heavy thing that rock is] of which one happened to be attached to and the thing disintegrated. And I thought, "I don't think snakes explode like that?"

So, I did what every sensible red-blooded American does. I came into the house to complete a Google search. . .

And found out it was a worm after all. One that devours earthworms [sad], slugs [yeah baby], insect larvae [saa-wing batter] and are cannibalistic [that's messed up] as well as will eat itself for its own food [blink, blink. . .]. Disgustingly gross. It seems the slime is more like a "holding station" for struggling prey than poison. But still gross. It eats and poops out of its same mouth. Once more, gaaaw-roooooss.

I don't want them in my garden anymore. But they have no known natural enemy - besides moi. And I do not like the way they explode, so you won't find me stepping on them. I won't even touch them. If they were the cute little earthworms we all know and love who do good things in gardens they would not be a problem. But these worms? They are just mucus. And that is just plain gross.

. . . . so, now you know.


mindy said...

These things are insanely disgusting. I wouldn't even dare GOOGLE search one for fear it would find out and come devour me in my sleep.

Sleep well tonight - muhahahaha!

Godiva Jen said...

Great, Mindy. That's just great. I knew I could rely on you.

If I have nightmares, I'm coming for you.

so there.

Alli said...

WEIRD! Never seen 'em.

Yeah, those planarians are definitely much more nasty looking then those ones we all played with in science class. Remember those?

I guess they probably regenerate, too, if it is cut in half.


Ian said...

Okay, that's nasty. Exploding giant worms? I thought you moved to Fort Worth, not LV-426.

Jen said...

Ahhh. . . It probably came from the Alien's belly herself! Ew.

Hadley's Hope can have the planarian right back. No complaints from moi.

Tink said...

Ewwww! It looks like something you'd see on Fear Factor. Blech.

Not-So-Naughty Voyeur said...

Things like that frighten me. What keeps them from morphing into something that WILL eat people? They could just be at some early stage of development. I've never seen them before!

Thanks for that. Something new for me to fret about :)

Sue McCauley said...

Now, don't be so harsh. These worms seem to be rather efficient. Imagine the fretting we could avoid when work gets just crazy and a lunch hour is missed. If we were like our worm, we could just eat our big toe or something. Oh, and I agree with Alli - I bet they regenerate. So, Jen, now you have 50,000 worms that have arisen from your flagstone-dropping incident. Hmmm...big "oops" for you. Don't bother inviting me over for any landscaping projects!
Da Trainer