Friday, July 27, 2007

You'll Have to Speak Up I'm Wearing a Towel

I was going to blog about how craptacular my day was yesterday, but completely decided it was unnecessary. I mean, plenty of people in this world have sucktastic days, why should I be the only one to complain about it? My 7 readers deserve more than that. So, I give you what I hope is laughter, if not a smile:

A couple weeks ago, my friend SPaco decided to call me from her cell phone on the way home from "church." This place is always referred to as "church" as a dedication to my friend, Ian, who so named it, because a few years back on every Friday night at happy hour. . . .er. . . . I mean, 5 PM, this is where you might find him. At church. It. definitely. was. not. a. pub. It was church. Thus, Friday night church service was born. Thank you, Ian.

Anyway, back to moi story, it was 10:30 PM on a Friday. She was on her way to meet her boyfriend at her house from being at Friday night church services. I think it was a fun sermon, because while not impaired enough to not be able to drive (thank the gods that be), she was a bit giggly. Well, add into the mix that she's newly in love. (Love, especially new love, can make anyone giggle if even just watching water boil. That is if you can get it to boil. . . ) While in the middle of such a story about said new boyfriend, she stopped dead. . . . No sound. No breathing. Nothing.


spaco: - - -
moi: - - -
moi: - - - *is there sand in my bra?*
- - -
- - -
- - -
spaco: *laughter*

Well, it was supremely funny at the time. . .

Anyway, ya'll have a mighty fine weekend. Don't forget, go to church.


Ian said...

I've done similar. Whilst sober. Had a mad panic about my keys one time, since I couldn't feel them in my pocket...I was driving down the road in my car at the time.

Jen said...

I, too, have done this with a variety of different objects. I just cannot seem to remember these specific moments. Convenient, eh?

Tink said...

I've starting looking for my cell phone (and verbalized it) while on the phone. Of course it's always been while on the phone with a GUY. They chalk it up to you being being a chick and never let you forget it. So your friend is lucky it was you and not her new honey. Although you DID announce it to the entire blogosphere... ;)

mindy said...

I spent all night at church on Friday.