Friday, July 20, 2007

It'll Be Good For Me. Help Me To Grow. Whatever.

This is what you need to know: only in this Longhorn city, Texas, when the husband and I finally get our new sprinkler system installed and fully functional does it rain here. There is one primary reason for this, the gods that be are literally messing with us. This is not awesome. Understand that we wanted to install this system back in April, but somehow the universe decided that we shall have rain for 47 days in a row just after we laid 7 pallets of sod in our backyard.

In turn our nicely coveted and very posh sod turned to swamp. Complete with urban business people, nightmares, prehistoric alligators, giant mosquito's and creepy rednecks where lives and souls alike were at atrocious risk. Kind of like our very own Deliverance of 1972. But hey, that's the gods' doing.

So, upon final checks, agendas, statistics and checklists the sprinkler system worked. Efficiently. And was set to run every other day at 5:45 AM for either 10 or 15 minutes, depending. This is a science I cannot speak of, because you're talking to the one person in the world who actually mowed the monkey grass. Back in April. Which still has not grown back.

In my defense, let me just put it out there to all my web readers - all 7 of you - that I had never mowed a yard in my life. This is my wonderful, over-protective mother's fault. She did not want us children - her children - touching anything that could mortally wound us. Or easily take an arm off. Things with blades were bad. So, she mowed the yard herself . . . . and 37-years later, she is still mowing the yard. [Not mine, hers.]

Anyway due to this teeny-weensy fact of the madre not letting us play with moving blades, I was too scared to even touch a lawnmower. So totally terrified of the grass-cutter that I actually thought I would lose my fingers just by looking at the choke button. My toes would be sucked into the lawnmower blade abyss as well. Never to be seen again. Ever. I just know this to be true as my mom told me it was so. And we all know, mother knows best. For God's sake, she has eyes in the back of her head, people! I was doomed by just looking at the choke button.

When these tragedies did not befall me, I wasn't exactly sure what to do. So, I mowed the monkey grass.

Which is neither here nor there.

This is what brings me to today, Friday, July 20, 2007. I awoke at 4 AM today. Yeah. I know, not pretty. But what I noticed while lying in bed staring at the clock, was that at 5:45 AM the sprinkler system started up. Heavenly music to my ears. A soft rain misting our yard ever so gently for 15 minutes. Rednecks be gone. And so it was.

Fast forward 7 hours. Where it started to rain. After 3 weeks of drought-like weather without an ounce of natural preipitation, it rained. For 20 minutes. We had already watered our lawn.


Ian said...

In the immortal words of Mr. Snoop Dogg of Compton, that's a lot of grass.

Jen said...

Look at me - home on a Friday night blogging about grass, sprinkler systems and rain. Could my life BE any better?

Did you ever think I would come to this?

But, yes, to get to your quote, that is a load of grass! I should tell you how fun it was to lay an entire backyard of it. Talk about lunges!

Ian said...

You think that's bad? I posted my comment from the office, where I was working until after midnight on a Friday.