Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Young David Copperfield Does Another Rotation Around the Sun

I have nothing to say today.

Other than, on a completely irrelevant note, Young David Copperfield. . . . Harry Potter. . . .er. . . . Daniel Radcliff. . . . whatever. . . . turned 18-years-old yesterday. He legally now has access to $40 million dollars that was just sitting in the bank waiting for him to become authorized. He, apparently, celebrated by going to a cricket match with his buddies.

The kid was born when I graduated high school.

Why is it again that I feel so old lately?


Princess of the Universe said...

I've suddenly stopped liking Daniel Radcliffe.

Ian said...

$40 million? I bet the beers were on him at the cricket. And let's face it, beer is about the only reason to attend a cricket match.

Jen said...

And that's not all folks . . . . Mr. Harry Radcliff is guaranteed another $50 million for the next two films.

I would like $50 million. Hell, I'll even take the $40 million.

I've never seen a cricket match, but I'd definitely go for the beer. Can you drink at 18 yrs. in the UK?

Jay said...

I can think of a lot of other things to do on my 18th birthday if I was worth 40 mil.

Jen said...

If only I were 18 again.


mindy said...

Is he gonna go nutso al a Lindsay Lohan now that he's loaded? Be strong, Harry, be strong!

Ian said...

Yes, 18 is the legal drinking age in the UK.

Tink said...

You feel old. I feel poor. I think we should meet for a pity party.

Bring fudge.

Jen said...

Tink: as long as you bring the sporks.

Ian: I wish I grew up in the UK.

Mindy: it's a sad reality. Harry cannot become a drunkard.

Jay: Tink and I are throwing a pity party. You're welcome to attend. Bring the beer. I think Tink has the sporks covered and I'll make some fudge if not buy it.