Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sharing a Chimichanga

This was the original blog I was going to post when I first opened this site:

New beginnings. Again. This whole new blog of mine has been hard for me to figure out. As there are all these new kinks to work on and I am still confused as to how this whole Blogger thing works. For example, it only took me 18+ hours to finally download my photograph, which caused me to almost pay the money to stay with iMac. Almost. But not quite.

Somehow, and 2 months later of severe lessons in trial and error, I have debuted my newest blog: "When the Godiva is Gone".

When I think about my past two blogs here and here, I realize I have never really smelled a chicken while it's still on the farm. So, I'll explain myself to my 6 readers.

For those of you who may not know, I am a Stay At Home Wife (SAHW). Which may cause some of you to conjure that I sit at home, eat bon-bons, drink champagne and watch salacious movies. While I could be very good at those things, I don't actually do them. There isn't possibly enough time in a day for me to accomplish that on top of what I normally perform. I will say that for the most part I do the SAHW thing pretty darn well, but there are those times when I wish I had my big desk back with my very own office door to shut while someone answers my phones. So, yeah, for those of you who may not think so, I do have a brain and I do have an edumication. I did graduate from Carroll College in a time far, far away from now. I majored in Psychology (let me tell you how messed up you really are) with a minor in General Communications. I can and have publicly spoken - at NASA, on TV and radio as well as in Washington, DC. I still get gigs every now and then. This doesn't mean I love to get up and open my mouth, it just means I can.

Drifting off course again . . . .

After a few years of getting my arse kicked by sociopaths, paranoid schizophrenics, delusional's, gangsta's, alcoholics/drug addicts (or boyfriends of) and what most people would label in general "the crazies," I decided it was time for a switch of professions. When your psych degree is no higher than university, you are of the bottom feeder of healers. I'm not going to lie, the money was crap too and the hours long. My awakening occurred as one of my paranoidschizo's clients chased me around her apartment with a butcher knife yelling at me that the toaster told her to do it. To which I responded, "I'll be back when you take your med's ." Some people just were not cut out to live in society with the rest of us. I decided to get out with all my phalanges (and noggin) in tack.

On to the beauty industry. Almost 4-years. Enough said.

Then on to the business of Advertising & Marketing. Ahhhhh. . . I finally found my calling. I learned I could publicly speak and not die from doing so. I experienced the highs of hiring and the lows of "you're just not going to work out." I constructed, created, taught, developed, trained, registered, established, wrote, published and researched. I used my brain. A lot. These were remarkable jobs and I experienced more than I ever expected. Especially with regards to signing contracts. If at all possible don't. do. it. And if you have to do so, have an attorney read it over first. It's worth the $500.00 per every five-minutes of consultation. Trust me on this one.

Then, I met the husband. My life completely changed. Over the course of a 2.5 year marriage, I have landed here. And am none the less happy for it. I am blessed. I am loved. I am lucky. I am more so very grateful. I have the husband. I have the 4 dogs whom I constantly step on/over/lay at my feet/take over our bed/play with/run with/walk with and guard with. I have the 2 cats who greatly wreak havoc in my life just for the fun of it, but have also been known to cause peace now and again. Finally, we have our home. I can't complain. I really can't. In this life I still have much to do - it may just not be behind a big desk. I have hopes. I also have dreams. Some may be revealed on this here site from time to time. Some will not.

Overall, I hope you too enjoy my blog as much as I love leaking my brain onto it and in the very least if not a laugh you give, a smile will do.

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Ian said...

Hey, I knew all that. I've been hornswaggled!

Jen said...

Hornswaggled? HORNSWAGGLED! Hmmmmph. I can't help it if you've known me for the BEST years of your life. . .

Besides, I had nothing else to say.

mindy said...

Great post & background, for those of us who didn't know all that! :-)

How did you get those three pics side by side on here anyway?

BTW, adorable pets!

Jen said...

Mindy: Thanks! I do tend to think my pets are on the wee cute side! Then again, I am a bit biased. Of course yours are pretty darn cute themselves!

I think it was luck that put three pictures side-by-side.

1) I had posted all the pictures as "none" for the layout in the "insert picture frame".
2) While in "edit text box" during the construction of this post (after inserting the pictures themselves), I hit the "center text tab" while I was working with one of the pictures.
3) I then just moved the other 2 next to that centered one.

Somehow it worked. . . I'm still trying to figure out this picture insert thing myself. Anyone know how you can get more than 4 pictures posted in one post? And how do you get links, bold or italics in the comment sections? AND how do I get my picture to post with my comments - I can't for the life of me figure this stuff out!

mindy said...

To get italics and such in comments you have to use HTML tags:
"< i >" goes before the word you want to italicize and "< /i >" goes after it (but with no spaces!). Bold is "b" instead of "i".

To get your picture to show with comments you have to go into blog settings under the comments tab and click "yes" to "show profile images in comments". That should work...

As for posting more than 4 pictures in one, I'm not sure. I don't think I've ever had that problem? I'll let you know if I figure it out.

And this has been Blogger 101 with Mindy and Jen. You're welcome, folks.

Jen said...

Awesome! Thanks, Mindy!

Alli said...

Yes, I would say that is a good summary of you. :)

Cute pics!!

Ian said...

Didn't I already explain how to do links?

Jen said...

Ian: that was AGES ago, when I didn't have Blogger, so I didn't pay attention. I also didn't note when that was on your blog comments and couldn't be bothered to search all of your archives today. . . I know, I know I'm lazy and will freely admit it, especially when I have others I can turn to to get the answer immediately.

Jen said...

Ah! It worked! It WORKED! Whew-whooo!

Ian said...

Okay, for a link you need to use an < a> tag. It's a little more complicated than a b or i...

< a href="http://link">Text of link< /a>

So taking the space out before the a and the /a here:
< a href="">The greatest website ever< /a>

Would give you
The greatest website ever