Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maybe You Should Try Prozac (Part II)

Pre-duathlon conversation (in fact, 2-days prior):

the husband: honey, you are going to ride the Ride for Heroes this Saturday, right?
me: um. I don't know. . . I'm not sure I'm . . . .
the husband: good! 'Cos I signed you up to do the 35-mile ride!
me: sigh.
the husband: what's that for? It'll be fun! And there's hamburgers at the end! *skipping ever-so-lightly away before un-planted flowers could hit him in the head*
me: *detonating* could someone please explain to me as to exactly why I married you?


mindy said...

Hold the phone: did he sign you up for back to back sporting events? This Saturday and THIS Sunday?

That is wife cruelty. I think you can sue for that.

Jen said...

Yep. Back-to-back. Sporting events. *big fat sight*

I guess I shouldn't complain. He's got to race 75-miles for the Ride for Heroes on Saturday. I only have to ride 35-miles. Not race.

While I'd like to think that since I've been running so much longer than the husband, I thunk I could out run him in our practice round yesterday.

[We first rode 12.23 miles - okay, he rode 15 miles - and then ran 2 miles].

Thunking was all I did. The man, and let me remind everyone, who has not ran in 7 years, ran an 8.5 minute mile and severely torched me on the course. He. Out. Ran. Me. I barely made it in. And this was only 1/2 of the course we are to do Sunday.

I'm dead. I'm dead to everyone now.

Ian said...

What do you mean "I guess I shouldn't complain?" Of course you should complain. Loudly and bitterly, for hours.

Jen said...

The husband just told me that he doesn't think our conversation went quite along these lines. . . Hmpf. I heard it, I was there. What does he know - signing me up all over the place for this and that - thinking I'll live through the weekend . . . Hmpf. . . . .


alex said...

Get out in the fresh air, get some exercise and have a guilt-free hamburger at the end. What could be better....

I think you need to develop a knee problem!

Alli said...

he can't sit still, can he?