Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Strike a Pose, Poser

I had to call my little sister, Sarah, this past Saturday morning.

I was out with the husband while he was pedaling away on his bicycle during another road race, when I noticed some pretty Texas flowers. I couldn't remember for the life of me how to take close up shots and it was the most important thing that I get a hold of my sister to tell me the deep dark secrets of my camera right then and there. This was an immediate attention matter of business.

You see, I had two buttons to chose from - one I called the MoFo button and the other was a picture of a flower. This choice may seem obvious, but in using both of them with equal amounts of shots and with none of these shots turning out, I became slightly befuddled. I needed the guidance of an expert. This is where the Saturday early morning phone call to the sister ensued.

I was promptly told by my younger sibling that the MF button does not stand for MoFo. It means "manual focus" which entirely makes sense. I was also told that I need to use the flower button if I am taking very close shots of something, but make sure I let the camera focus before pressing the shutter button . . . .

Sometimes I feel like a gorilla.

I seriously need to get more serious about taking a photography class as my sister isn't always available to pick up my immediately desperate phone calls on how to use my camera. Though, I have to say, her guidance is far easier and way faster than the 300+ page manual it came with and in all actuality an 8 week course. I may just stick to bugging her. It's payback for growing up together where I felt she was a serious pain to my popular quotient.

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mindy said...

How come everyone else can find cute little butterflies posing on flowers? I NEVER see that!!!

Great photos!

Jen said...

I just happened to turn around, as I was walking with a 20-pound bag and chair, to see that butterfly flitting about. It was happenstance. . . Then, I threw everything down and grabbed the Cannon. Shot what I could.

Catching that butterfly on film was incredibly tough with my digital camera! I took only 5 shots before he flew off and this one was the only one that was 1/2 way decent. I was surprised to see that it did come out as well as it did.

Alli said...

Very pretty pics! Great job!!!

I bet a photography class would be so fun. Are ya gonna do it?

That and cooking/baking classes would be fun "spare-time" classes to take!!!

Jen said...

I do want to take a photography course, but haven't found the right one I am looking for.

I've looked into baking (cake decorating) and cooking classes as well. I've missed a few I wanted to take, b/c I forgot to sign up when I 1st ran into them.

There are loads and loads of things I want to do right now. It's just. . . where to begin?

Ian said...

Excellent pics. And I agree. What's the point in learning how to do stuff for yourself when one of your siblings already knows how to do it?