Friday, March 9, 2007

If He Knows What's Good For Him

"Honey, close your eyes."
"Are they closed?"
"Close 'em. . . "

I heard the husband shaking something as he walked from the kitchen to the family room. "I got you something yesterday." Me, ohhhhh (excitement!). . . maybe some diamonds! ?

"Open your eyes. . ."

"Awwww . . . it's GODIVA! Love it, honey! Thank you!"

"Well, uhhh . . .I know you don't like Godiva, but I thought . . ."

"What? Since when have I ever told you I don't like Godiva?"

"I swear you told me that."


The husband replied in all his seriousness, "well, then I guess that must've been my mistress who doesn't like Godiva then. . . I don't know." To which my final answer to that remark was, "yeah. 'Cos you have time for one of those. For God sake, my friends already think you're fake."
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Alli said...

Men are so silly sometimes....what they remember, what they don't, and what they make up....


BonnieRose said...

very funny post.. lol...

Ian said...

I don't think he's fake. I definitely met him once. Of course, ever since then he's either "working" or "out of town" when we come visit, so he may have been chopped up and fed to the dogs quite some time ago.

Jen said...

Hey now . . .the dogs LOVE raw meat . . . errrr . . . I mean, rawhides!