Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trimmed Nose Hair is Part of the Job

The husband, working hard to dig those holes.

Chobie supervises. Mmmmrph.

The one tree has flowers. Many do not.

Bush number 9 - only 44 more to go. . . .

Update on the yard work:
  • We bought 50 pieces of sod. We need 200 more.
  • We've planted 18 of the 53 bushes. Only 35 more to go.
  • I've halted my embargo on Starbucks. I heart grande non-fat vanilla lattes once more.
  • One tree now has a garden below it. One more awaits.
  • One planter has been planted. 4 more to go + 20.
  • 25,000 visits to the garden shop. 25,001 visits to the hardware shop.
  • The sprinkler system was dug up and checked by the husband. It will now be buried and remain as is.
  • Have managed to continue our workouts. No, no not together.
  • It is suppose to start raining at 2 PM today. That'll be fun.
  • Found more fire ant hills than wanted or needed. Still don't understand the validity of these creatures.
  • 7 bags of yard waste hauled. Only 50 more to go.
  • More money spent on lawn/yard than a 4-day vacation. Priceless.
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Alli said...

Making great progress! Good job!


Jen said...

I'm pooped.

Ian said...

That's some good supervising there by the Chobster.