Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Husbands Very Own Paparazzi

Here is the husband doing something he told me not to take a picture of, but catching me in the very act of taking his picture anyway. You can tell just how much he truly loves me at this very moment.

Here is the husband eagerly and most excitedly awaiting in line for his time trial race.

Here is the husband catching me taking his picture, again.

Here is the husband riding across the finish line for the time trial.

This is all done in the name of love and fun! Fun with the digital. Love of the husband. Or maybe love of the digital and fun with the husband. Either way, I'm not too sure the husband finds my muse as fun as I do. But in the end, it's all about me and my shiny camera. Besides, he'll come to appreciate it someday. Even Courtney Cox has this to say about us paparazzi's, "There are times when paparazzi go too far. . . .Sometimes they get so competitive it’s dangerous, like “Who’s gonna get the shot?” It’s OK as long as it stays within limits. It’s OK to go to a restaurant and get your picture taken—you’re going out and you have to expect something. But when it gets invasive and they’re sitting outside your house, it’s gone too far. I’m kind of torn because I understand. Look, I don’t read those magazines. . . but don’t think I don’t look at the pictures to see what people are wearing. I “get” the fascination, but if I’m followed every time I leave my house? That’s too much." (shout out to PopSugar.com for the CC-A quote from LA Confidential)

If Mrs. Cox-Arquette can warm up to the pap's, so too will the husband. He definitely will.
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Ian said...

Yeah, I think that first one would definitely qualify for the 'invasive' category

Jen said...

Invasive?! Are you KIDDING? ? ? I GET paid for the good shot, man. And that's a good shot.

Alex said...

No the good shot would have been if you just happened to have a step ladder with you. I did laugh out loud when I saw it though, very good look of 'But I told you not to do that' Excellent.

Have you moved blog again!?

Jen said...

I have a few of the shots of the husband walking out of the ditch. He's laughing and shaking his head in those. It was funny! Unfortunately, he HAS to put up with me and my camera.

Yes, I have moved the blog, b/c of money hungry beeyatches. I now reside here and hopefully will for the rest of my blogging life.

Alli said...

I agree, the first pic is pretty freakin funny...