Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maybe You Should Try Prozac

the husband: Okay! We're both signed up! *big, big smile*
me: for what?
the husband: for Sunday!
me: what's Sunday?
the husband: the duathlon! *skips away*
me: okay. . . huh? What? Wait! Get. Back. Here. . . .


mindy said...

Haha. I like that one of the labels for this is "DEATH".

Is that why the story ended there? Will Jen be going to jail?

Jen said...

This story will end with either me going to jail b/c the husband made me do it or me dying after completion of the 2-mile run then 11-mile bike ride then another 2-mile run and then another 11-mile bike run with a small finishing run . . . I mean, who does that? And lives to tell about it? Or signs up their spouse expecting to live to tell about it?

I am pleading the fifth. . .

Ian said...

That's not a duatholon, that's a, uh, fivethingathlon.

Alli said...

WOW! Are you 2 going to have enough energy for all that after this week of marathon lanscaping???????


Jen said...

Oh. Yeah.

I forgot to mention that we will be riding in the Ride for Hero's on Saturday. Thomas must race (yes I said race) 75-miles for that ride; while I am only riding 35-miles.

He's going for my life insurance policy. I swear it.